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What should pregnant women eat to help fetus gain weight?

16/11/2016 | 13:45 - Pregnancy support

Depend on condition of each pregnant woman, weight will be different. Every day, moms should supply from 1600 to 2200 calories to enhance metabolism. In pregnancy, moms should gain 300 calories every day.

Beside 3 meals, moms should enjoy super, fruits, cereal or yogurt.

Calories should be absorbed slowly.

If we supply calories fast, fetus will not gain weight effectively. 

Here are some guidance foods to help fetus gain weight. 

1.    Fresh vegetables and fruits: supply vitamins, minerals and fiber. 

Carrot, broccoli, papaya, watermelon, cabbage…contain vitamins.

Lack of vitamins will cause rickets for fetus.

Iron is an essential element for pregnant women.

Iron is needed for a number of highly complex processes that take place on molecular level, the transportation of oxygen around the body.

There are some fruits that contain iron such as: papaya, apple, sapodilla….  

Sugarcane juice and coconut juice have so many vitamins, minerals and sugar.

They will be helpful for fetus development if moms enjoy every day.

However, moms should consult health care providers if we have diabetes. 

2.    Meat

In pregnancy, protein should be supplied more than before.

Moms should eat beef, pork and chicken...

Especially, beef should be added in daily meal because it contains high iron, protein, B6, B12…

Those elements are necessary for brain and physical development of fetus. 

3.    Seafood

Seafood contains rich calcium and omega 3 so both pregnant women and fetus are developed well. 

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) advice pregnant women should enjoy 340grams of seafood every week.

We should cook seafood well up to 1000 C to delete bacteria.

Salmon, sardines, tuna and herring are very rich omega 3 and fatty acid.

However, moms should limit to enjoy canned fish because of having fewer nutrients.

Some guidance seafood that mom shouldn’t forget are shrimps, crabs, snails…

Let’s enjoy seafood suitably to enhance nutrition for moms and fetus. 

4.    Milk

Milk plays an important role in bone and height development of fetus.

A daily glass of milk during pregnancy makes fetus become taller – even when they are teenagers.

Moms should drink 2 -3 glass of milk of having light weight. 

Moreover, yogurt contains calcium, zinc, vitamins so moms can plus it daily. 

5.    Egg

Eggs are helpful for both mom and fetus, especially egg yolks.

Eggs are rich in selenium, zinc, vitamins like A, D and B which are required during pregnancy. 

Note: Moms shouldn’t eat so many eggs (not more than 5 eggs/ week).

Chicken eggs are considered to be the super food.

Thus, eating eggs during pregnancy can have benefits on the health of a woman.

Remember to store eggs in the fridge and check expiry date before use.

Moms don’t allow using raw or partially cooked eggs because it will lead the risk of salmonella infection which can be transferred to the baby. 

Those are some guidance food that moms should enjoy to care health.

Nutrition will decide fetus’s health.

Moms can do some small exercises to become stronger during pregnancy.

Remember to consult health care providers to apply suitable fitness.

Alcohol and smokes aren’t allowed, too.

Last but not least, moms should keep away from stress or overwork. 

Let’s follow a healthy lifestyle to welcome baby! 


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