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Unbelievable changes after giving birth

10/10/2016 | 14:04 - After birth weight loss

When women get pregnant, their weight will be gained fast. Breast will be bigger and skin cracks will be appeared within 9 months. However, after postpartum, moms maybe take a long time to possess a slim body because of changing weight and hormones. Here are some basic changes in pregnancy progress.

1.    Breast

After giving birth for 3 months, the amount of fatty tissues and blood flow to breasts increases, all to help the milk ducts and mammary glands grow. 

Moms feel their breast become bigger and heavier, too. However, moms will feel comfortable if they are nursing. 

2.    Belly 

After postpartum, belly will be bigger than before. Moms maybe take 6 -8 weeks or a year to get the slim waist. 

Skin will have stretch marks and saggy because of gaining weight throughout pregnancy method.

In order to be get nice belly, moms should do suitable fitness.

3.    Body

When moms are in pregnancy, weight will be gained up to 33 pounds.

It is so amazing! Weight gain is the best symptoms of nourishing fetus well.

Therefore, moms should stabilize nutrient and fitness.

After giving birth, moms will have pigmentations, wrinkles or dryness if they don’t care skin carefully.

Therefore, caring whole body will be important.

Nowadays, there are many methods to lose weight after postpartum.

Moms should consult doctors before applying.

Moms can use dietary supplement if they are consulted carefully. 

Last but not least, moms should follow a healthy diet and comfortable lifestyle to reduce stress in postpartum period. 


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