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Tops food that rich in protein to build muscles

Some of thin people try many methods to gain weight but they can’t succeed. How can we gain weight successfully? That is the difficult solution for those who want to gain weight. Here are some guidance foods to gain weight and build muscles well.

1.    Almond

Almond is one of the most popular foods for everyone. 

113g of almond contain 5,9gr protein and 161 calories.

Besides, it also has good nutrients such as: phosphor, vitamin B2, vitamin E…

Almond plays an important role in blood circulation and heart protection to enhance vitality. 

 2. Beef

113g of beef contains 26g protein and 188 calorie. 

Beef contains healthy fats, choline, phosphor, zinc, vitamin B3 and vitamin B12…

Beef helps us boost immune system to prevent unwanted pathogens. 

3.    Chicken

113g of chicken contain 35,2gr protein and 187 calories. 

Chicken has vitamin and minerals such as: phosphor, selen, choline, vitamin B3, vitamin B6…

Chicken helps improve digestion to gain weight fast. 

4.    Linseed


28,3g of linseeds contain 1,5g of protein and 150 calories.

Linseeds contain unsaturated fat and anti-inflammations to prevent cancer and enhance brain.  

5.    Lamb meat 

113g of lamb contains 30,1g of protein and 229 calories.

Lamb is very rich in phosphor, selen, vitamin B3, vitamin B12, zinc…

Lamp plays an important role in blood circulation and immune system.

6.    Pumpkin seeds. 

28,3gr of pumpkin seeds contain 5,2g of protein and 125 calories.

Pumpkin seeds also have good nutrients such as: magie, phosphor, mangan, zinc….to help in digestive system and hormone building. 

7.    Salmon

113g of salmon contains 31g of protein and 244 calories.

Salmon contains unsaturated fat, selen, vitamin B3, B12 and vitamin D. Salmon helps prevent arthritis well.

8.    Soybean     

22g of soybean contains 28,6g of protein and 297 calories. 

Soybean has many vitamins and minerals such as: fiber, phosphor and mangan…

This food can help prevent cancer, heart attacks and bone building. Specially, soybean is also the best choice for vegetarians. 

9.    Tuna

Tuna is very rich in protein. It contains 34g of protein and 157 calories in 113g. 

Tuna is very rich in vitamin B, phosphor, kali and Maggie. Tuna helps burn fat and build muscles effectively.   

10.    Walnuts

28,3g of walnuts contain 4,3g of protein and 183 calories. 

Walnuts have rich in Manganic to build muscles and prevent anti-inflammatory. 

Those are foods to help us gain weight and muscles well. 

We should apply a healthy diet and regular exercises regularly.

Last but not least, we also use a dietary supplement to support to gain weight fast. 

Wish you success!


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