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Top foods help kid gain weight fast

According to health care providers, parents shouldn’t force children to eat a lot to gain weight. Each parent should make a detail plan for children to gain weight naturally. Due to physical condition or age, we must supply various nutrients.

Specially, let’s children do fitness that suitable for each age.  Here are some top foods that support children to gain weight. 

1.    Milk 

Milk supply calcium, fat and calories for weight gain periods.

Children should drink milk every morning to plus necessary fat.

We shouldn’t let them drink milk before bedtime because of causing indigestion or constipation. 

2.    Cheese 

A small cheese can supply many nutrients for kids.

Moms can plus salad or egg into cheese to make meals become popular.

Cheese can be served in the supper or dinner to get the best result. 

3.    Banana 

Banana is very rich energy for kid to gain weight. 

Enjoy 2 bananas after meals to increase weight successfully. 

4.    Avocado 

Avocado contains natural fat. 

Moms can mix avocado with milk or ice cream to stimulate children’s eating cravings. 

5.    Yam 

Yam has so much sugar content and beta carotene. 

Yam can be cooked by many various dishes such as: grill, steam or boil.

Moms can plus milk, apple with yam to make cake for kids. 

6.    Eggs

Eggs contain so much protein that children’s weight will be gained day by day.

Protein helps kids gain weight and muscle building effectively.

Therefore, we should plus protein in daily meals. 

7.    Potato 

Potato is very rich carbohydrate and energy. 

Moms can make many dishes with potato such as: roast, bake, fry, scalloped or smash.

Smashed potato with cheese can help weight gain fast. 

8.    Olive oil

Olive oil contains fat that weight will be gained effectively.

Plus olive oil during cooking dishes (if any)

9.    Cereal

Most of cereals are very rich vitamin E, protein and fat. 

Fat supports bone and immune system development. 

Absorbing fat daily, children can enhance metabolism.  

Children should supply enough nutrients and physical exercises regularly.

Sleeping 7 or 8 hours per day is suitable to gain weight.

Having enough sleep will help them reduce stress and gain weight. 

Dietary supplement supports children to gain weight effectively.

We should consult doctor before taking any supplement for them. 

In order to gain weight successfully, we should advise kids to combine a healthy diet with a regular exercise program


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