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Top foods from vegetables to promote gout treatment

05/10/2016 | 14:05 - Gout prevention

In the course of the treatment for gout, besides using medicines, eating healthy diet from vegetables may also cure gout effectively.

1/       Cabbage:


The best way to cook cabbage is using vegetable oil and a little ginger for stir-frying cabbage.

It is a frugal food containing a lot of vitamins. Eating it frequently, you can promote the treatment of gout.

2/      Eggplant:


Patients should choose dark purple eggplants.

Recipes: wash the eggplants, soak them in salt water within 2 minutes, then put into boiling water in 10 minutes and cut them into small pieces. Add tomatoes, soy sauce, sesame oil, salt and mix well.

3/      Potato:


Fry the potatoes, stir them frequently, until they’re nicely browned on the outside, and then mix them with soy sauce, salt and spices. This dish is useful for treating the pains of a gout attack.

4/      White turnip:

White turnip

Cut white turnips into julienne strips, and then fry them in vegetable oil. Take white turnips out and mix with rice to cook porridge.

5/      Chestnut porridge:

Chestnut porridge

Pulverize the chestnuts; and then put them into the pot along with rice and water, stew them into porridge. You can eat it daily.

6/      Parsley porridge:

Parsley porridge

Wash the parsley, and then cut into small pieces. Put parsley, rice and water into the pot and stew. Add spices and eat a day.

7/      Strawberry juice:

Strawberry juice

Wash the strawberries with salt water. Then make it into strawberry juice. You should add a little sugar and boiling water and drink it during the day. 

8/      Tangerine juice:

Tangerine juice

Ingredients include sweet tangerine, carrot, apple and aloe.

Directions: wash the fruits and vegetables, then make them become juice, add some honey for easier and tastier drinking. Drinking it daily is very good for people with chronic gout

Let’s enjoy them every day to feel the differences.

Last but not least, you should apply a special diet or dietary supplement to support gout treatment. 

Wish you have a strong life! 

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