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Top 4 breakfast recipes for weight gain

29/09/2016 | 13:49 - Weight gain menu

Breakfast is the most important meal for all day long. We must supply enough energy after sleeping all night. Those who want to gain weight have to eat more than normal. Here are some foods to help gain weight fast.

1/ Rice

Rice contains more calories than other foods.

Whenever we eat a plate of rice, we will supply about 500 calories for body.

Rice can be combined with meat, egg or vegetables…to make wonderful recipes.

Those can help plus fiber, protein and fat. Our weight gain method will be improved fast. 

2/ Bread

Half of bread 72g contains 200 calories.

Bread can be made many various recipes.

We can mix bread with egg, bacon, tomato or salad…  

3/ Cereal

This is the wonderful food that supplies many calories.

We can combine cereal with milk or oatmeal.

After that, we can plus some strawberries or bananas to begin an all day long.  

4/ Noodles

This is the best food to enhance digestive system well. 

It contains high fiber and calories. 

We can plus vegetables into a bowl of noodles. 

Let’s enjoy those recipes to begin a new day well. 

Note: We should enjoy breakfast every day.

Don’t skip meals.

Especially, we can use supplement for our body.

We should consult doctors or health care providers to find out suitable one.

Last but not least, we should do fitness and have happy lifestyle to gain weight fast.    



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