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Top 12 best food to increase height

08/07/2016 | 08:43 - Growth height menu

Seafood, spinach, carrots, eggs, oatmeal,… are the food that help you grow taller.

As you know, short people usually have inferiority complex and low self – esteem feelings in communication.

On the contrary, people having ideal height are always confident with their looks.

Short and tall

Of course, genetics play an important role in growth height. However, there are some kinds of food to make your legs longer.

1/        Seafood:


In fact, more than 99% of the body’s calcium is found in bones and teeth. So, if your body doesn’t have enough calcium that makes your height increase slowly.

Especially, children and teenagers should eat lots of food which are rich in calcium such as: crab, shrimp, fish, oyster, shellfish, etc.

2/        Yogurt:


Yogurt contains a large amount of vitamin D and calcium which are important nutrients for growth height.

You can also eat cheese, butter or dairy products instead of yogurt.

3/        Spinach:


Do you know Popeye the Sailor Man? The famous sailor ate a lot of spinach to become taller and stronger.

Spinach is rich in calcium and Fe, they both are necessary for development of height.

4/        Iron – rich food:

iron - rich food

If your body lacks of iron, it will make your growth height and weight slow down.

Therefore, you should supply these kinds of food into the daily menu such as: meat, fish, beans, spinach, etc.

5/        Carrots:


Carrot contains a large amount of vitamin A, which is not only good for the eyes but also promote the mechanism of protein synthesis, increases your height.

Let your child drink carrot smoothie if he doesn’t like to eat fresh carrots.

6/        Eggs:


Eggs contain high quality protein which is an important nutrient for growth height.

There are so many ways to cook eggs, examples: soft – boiled eggs, poached eggs, deviled eggs and more.

 7/        Oatmeal:


Oats are low in fats but high in protein and soluble fiber.

Oatmeal should be added into your breakfast menu if you want own ideal height.

There are many taste oatmeal recipes, you can choose one of them to cook and enjoy.
8/        Black soybeans:

Black soybeans

In general, all kinds of beans are so good for your healthy, especially your growth height.

Black soybeans contain high in protein that is an ideal source for development of height.
9/        Milk:


Drinking milk daily is not only necessary to your health but also good for bones growth.

Milk helps you grow taller, enhance your body resistance and avoid lots of diseases.

Besides milk, dairy products like butter, cheese, yogurt, etc improve your height effectively.
10/     Chicken:


Chicken is the best source of protein and other necessary nutrients that are useful for height growth.

There are many delicious ways to cook chicken such as: baked chicken, grilled chicken, sauteed chicken, etc..

Let’s go to the kitchen!
11/     Fruits:

Fresh fruits

You know, eating fresh fruits not only be good for your health but also make you grow taller.

Fresh fruits with natural vitamins and minerals will help enhance the body resistance and immune system.

12/     Filtered water:

Filtered water is very important drink in our daily lives.


Drinking enough filtered water brings many benefits, such as:

+          Help the organs in human body work better.

+          Have a deeper and better sleep which makes produce a lot of growth hormones. When your body has a good deal of hormones, your height will be improved quickly.

Don’t forget to drink 8 glasses of filtered water per day. 

==> Besides eating healthy food above, you should participate in outdoor activities, play sports or indoor exercises to increase the height effectively.

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