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Tips to lose 5 pounds in 3 days with vegetables

06/10/2016 | 15:12 - Fast weight loss

Losing weight with vegetables is considered to be an effective method to get in shape scientifically and many people applied it successfully. If you want to lose 5 pounds in only 3 days with vegetables, you shouldn’t ignore the following article.

losing weight with vegetables

Many famous people lost weight with vegetables successfully

When you determine on losing weight, the first thing that you need to do, is to eliminate foods containing fat, starch and high-calorie out of the daily menu. Instead, you will consume foods that contain fiber, vitamins, such as vegetables, fruits and fruit juice.

The effects of vegetables during weight loss:

Diet is rich in vegetables will have less energy but gives your body a feeling of satiety, reduces appetite and prevents absorption of fat. Moreover, vegetables are rich in vitamins which help your body not to store fat, so vegetables can support your weight loss effectively.

provide nutrients for the body.

Eating various vegetables to lose weight as well as provide nutrients for the body

Vegetables diet helps you lose 5 pounds in 3 days:

Day 1:

Breakfast: A glass of non-sugar milk.

Snack: An apple

Lunch: A plate of fruit salad, a glass of water.

Snack: Eat jicama if hungry.

Dinner: A plate of fruit salad, a glass of fruit juice.

day 1

Apples have a great effect in losing belly fat

Day 2:

Breakfast: A plate of fruit, a glass of water.

Snack: A glass of non-sugar milk.

Lunch: A plate of boiled calabash.

Dinner: Fresh vegetables arbitrary, 2 apples.

day 2

Salad is tasty dish that have great effects for your weight loss

Day 3:

Breakfast: A plate of fruit salad, a glass of fruit juice.

Snack: A cucumber

Lunch: Salad, a glass of water or carrots, a plate of boiled vegetables.

Snack: A glass of water.

Dinner: A bowl of soup.

day 3

Don’t forget to drink juice while losing weight with vegetables

However, you should consume other nutrients. You can avoid fish, foods containing protein; you should eat 1 small bowl of rice in the lunch and dinner to ensure that you supply enough nutrients for your body.

Furthermore you need apply a regular exercise program every day, exercise can help you sweat well that reduce excess fat effectively.

*** Good luck ***

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