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Tips to grow height for kids

27/08/2016 | 11:04 - Growth height knowledge

Height is affected by many reasons such as: diet, exercises or genetic. A short height leads kids feel unconfident in communication. They are often provoked.

An ideal height will help your children achieve their dreams.

We should care for their height as early ages.

If they supply good nutrients and regular exercises, they will enhance height as soon as possible.

Here are some guidance tips for kids to build bones. 

- Enjoy 8 meals per day, eat as soon as possible.

Of course, kids should eat enough and combine various menus such as: rice, noodles, fruits, vegetables…

- Drink a liter of fresh milk every day. Milk is very helpful for bone building.

- Sleep at least 8 hours per day to enhance vitality and muscles building. 

And some guidance exercises to grow height

- Swimming: the wonderful exercise to grow height

Kids will be higher if they swim 2 hours per day.

They should maintain swimming exercises continuously.  

- Ride a bike: 

This exercise can help blood circulation well. 

Their heart will be stronger, too. 

There are some other growth height exercises such as: horizontal bar, yoga, push- up…

Last but not least, healthy diet or dietary supplement is very important for kid to grow height, too.

Parents should consult doctor to find out suitable methods for kids to grow height.

Wish you have a suitable method! 


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