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Tips for men to boost libido

18/08/2016 | 14:01 - Men's Health

The more modern the life is, the lower libido men get. There are many reasons as well as treatments but we should follow a healthy and happy life to treat low libido without using any medications. Here are some tips for men to enhance libido:

1/ Do fitness regularly

If we have long intercourses, we will be stronger. 

Therefore, sports play an important role in men’s sexual health. 

We can apply some exercises such as: swimming, weight lifting or jogging…

2/ Avoid relationship violence

Men will be lack of strength if they do abusive relationships.

Penis will be injured. Erection problems will be affected, too.

Men should do intercourses softly and lastly to transmit sexual attractions to partner.

Specially, if men do masturbation too much, ability of erections or quality of sperms will be reduced. 

3/ Avoid wearing tight underwear

Men shouldn’t wear tight underwear regularly.

Blood won’t be circulated so ability of erection will be damaged.

Therefore, we should choose comfortable clothes to prevent hurts from penis.  

4/ Plus fat from nature

Fat helps improve testosterone.

Avocado, fish or olive oil…are necessary for boosting testosterone naturally.

Moreover, we should supply various nutrients to enhance energy and libido.

5/ Avoid smokes and alcohols

Drinking alcohols can reduce blood circulation.

They also cause erectile dysfunction or pituitary dysfunction in a long run. 

Smoke is the first reason that causes low sex drive in male. 

Let’s get rid of smoke and alcohols to enhance libido. 

Thus, strong libido helps maintain happiness in sex.

We should obey a regular exercise program or healthy diet.

Specially, we can try dietary supplement if we are consulted well. 

Wish you have a happy life!



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