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Taller Max – An Excellent Solution For Your Bone Growth And Height

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Some people always wish to have an ideal height so that they can do what they like in their daily life such as they can take part in their favourite sports like basketball, volleyball, table tennis…, Growing taller also means that you don’t have to wear high-heel shoes whenener you want to go out with friends, have a date with your lover, go shopping…Besides, a proper height makes you feel confident in job interviews and communication. But, it’s not easy to grow taller naturally, right?

     Do you want to be taller than many members in your family?

     Do you want to experience different fashion styles freely?

    Do you want to live side by side with your lover forever?

Leading experts in height research all understand this worry and are trying to find ways to help us overcome this shortcoming. And now we come here with a new solution to improve your situation

Taller Max, a perfect choice that you can trust will make your dream of growing taller come true!!!

So what ingredients does Taller Max contain? And how effective is it for long-term use?

All these details will soon be clearly explained before you decide to buy this product:

By combining the US. advanced technology with experience of leading health specialists, Taller Max has been released to meet the demand for improving the height and physical appearance of many short people. This supplement helps provide some amino acid, vitamins and minerals which are aimed to boost the cartilage growth and bone development. These two factors will then contribute to the safe and natural improvement in your height. Taller Max is also helpful in preventing osteoporosis, brittle bones, strengthening bones and teeth. Vitamin D is very essential for the growth of bone and cartilage

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So what makes Taller Max a magic supplement?

Calcium 117 mg.

Magnesium 58,3 mg.

Vitamin D 45 mg.

Zinc 3,3 mg.

L- Arginin 167,67 mg.

L- Ornithine HCl 83,33 mg.

Materials : Soybean Oil , Bovine Gelatin, Glycerin, Beenswax, Lecithin, Purified Water, FD&C Blue #1,

FD&C Red #40 .

How can Taller Max help you become taller?

Calcium provides minerals and is an essential component in making bones. Our body cannot synthesize calcium. A good supply of calcium plays an important role in synthesize new bone cells and making old bones stronger. So, it’s very necessary for people of all ages to get calcium

As the body needs calcium for bone growth, we cannot get such a large amount of calcium from foods. Calcium cannot be easily absorbed in the body because it is in normal form. That’s why Taller Max brings you a good source of calcium which helps strengthen your bones

Besides, we cannot ignore the important role of vitamin D, which is very beneficial for the digestion. Vitamin D3 should be combined with all organs in the body to make the calcium absorption easier

Some specialists conclude that only calcium and vitamin D3 alone cannot support the height growth potentially. Some essential ingredients for this effective growth include:

Based on the publication of the prestigious American Journal of Cardiology published on March 01, 2003, magnesium serves as the key catalyst of enzyme, especially the people who need lots of energy for their activities. Magnesium plays a vital role in supporting the absorption of calcium and potassium, it also contributes to the forming of bones and transform carbonhydrate and minerals

Zinc helps boost the absorption and synthesis of protein, divisio of cells and eating cravings which are very esential for height growth. the body’s height and bone cannot grow well if there is not a sufficient amount of zinc

L- Arginin serves as an organic stuff, an amino acid which come from arginine. This ingredient stimulate the production of growth hormone and take part in the body’s metabolism

Taller Max is the combination of many essential ingredients, this wonderful product also contains many necessary viatamins and minerals for the ideal height growth for people of all ages.


This product is intended for adults and chidren aged over 10. Calcium-low and short people

Dose: 2-3 capsules per day after meals

Keep this product in dry, cool place, away from sunlight and out of reach of children

Origin: USA


Address: 16218 Arthur Street, Cerritos, CA 90703.

This is the certificate of origin.

We have been very proud of bringing best-quality beauty care products to the customers. We are always committed to selling genuine products and doing our utmost to meet the customers’ satisfaction. When buying Taller Max, the customers will get a lot of preferential offers such as free consultation, fast delivery, convenient order placement, 100% geniune products….


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