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Superior Fat Burner - Wonderful weight loss method from grapefruit

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            How many weight loss method have you used without bringing successfully? 

           Does your fat body make you be lack of job opportunities?

           Could you find your faithful lover?

 Don’t worry of fat weight, we have Superior Fat Burner. Superior Fat Burner is a kind of dietary supplement that was extracted from grapefruit.

 Grapefruit is the best fruit to make skin beauty and weight loss.

Grapefruit helps weight loss.

  Eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice can burn fat.

This statement was shared by scientists of Sripps hospital (USA) on January 29th.

Grape fruit can reduce insulin therefore, we can’t feel hungry anymore.


  Moreover, grapefruit also have many bennefis such as:

  • Enhance metabolism
  • Prevent nephrolithiasis 
  • Burn excess fat naturally
  • Enhance immune system
  • Support liver detoxification
  • Prevent prostate cancer
  • Prevent lung cancer 
  • Prevent Gum diseases
  • Get rid of the bulimia nervosa
  • Lengthen to digest food to burn fat fast.

Grapefruit helps weight loss.

  SFB also helps burn fat due to many ingredients of grapefruit such as: enzyme, carbonhydrate, vitamin C.

They can:

  • Prevent excess fat

SFB contains grapefruit peel extract so it can burn excess fat faster. 

Moreover, all ingredients in SFB also prevent sugar absorption and starch so we can lose weight effectively and safely.

  • Help skin beauty

Enzyme in grape fruit extract and other  ingredients such as lotus leaf, pumkin, honey,… can purify the body and beautify the skin. 

  • Enhance your health

Besides, SFB was extracted by lingzhi mushroom and natural herbs so they can help you enhance immune system. Flavonoid in grapefruit is high in antioxidants. It also prevents cancer, heart diseases and diabetes.

   Ingredients of Superior Fat Burner

  • Grapefruit extract

Grapefruit contains natural carbohydrate, vitamin C, protein. So, they can delete excess fat. Besides, grapefuit also stimulates digestive system. We hadn’t had bulimia nervosa anymore. Scientists proved that insulin in grapefruit will be declined quiclky. So it is very safe for everyone  to lose weight. 

  • Royal jelly

Royal jelly extract contains antioxidants, anti- aging (higher than vitamin E 300 times). Royal jelly helps eliminate wrinkles and stress. Its benefits are better than garlic or salmon in anti- aging prevention. So, your skin will be beautiful day by day. 

  • Pumpkin

+ Cucurpita Pepo is the science name of pumpkin. It contains a large number of Fe, vitamin, minerals as well as organic acids. Ascornin Acid in pumpkin can prevent flu, tiredness and sleeplessness. Vitamin A in each pumpkin also improves your eyes. 

+ Pumpkin seeds contain vitamin E – a kind of natural anti – oxidant. They can enhance immune system, prevent wrinkles. Pumpkin contains less fat and calorie so it is considered to be the best food for those of you who want to lose weight.

  • Lotus leaf

Lotus leaf can support spleen development, prevent excess fat. Lotus leaf also boost metabolism, purify body, prevent detoxification. Lotus leaf also contains alkaloids and flavonoid. Those can get rid of blood fats and fatty liver effectively.

  • Lingzhi mushroom

Lingzhi mushroom is considered to be the best herb on weight loss treatment.

  Why should we choose SFB?

SFB can burn fat fast without having any side –effects. We should combine using SFB with suitable eating habits and physical exrcises to get the best result.

  • No dizzy, tired or qualmish
  • No diarrhea
  • No bad breath
  • Make your skin beautiful after using SFB
  • No gain weight after discontinuing use SFB

SFB is used for those of you who want to lose weight.

  Recommended usage:

+ Take 1 capsule for the first 3 days, 2 for the 4th day, 30 minutes before meals

+ In case of being lost as you wish, please take 3 capsules per week or consult your health care provider.

+ SFB should be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise program.


- This product is not recommended for people with liver, kidney and heart problems.

- Exercise program plays an important role in burning excess fat and muscles building. Therefore, you should go jogging regularly and apply a healthy diet. 

- These statements have not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intented to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

- This product was manufactured at Rose Chem International USA - Corp.  

- It has been manufactured and packed in strict conformance with industry standards. Here is the certificate of origin of Superior Fat Burner.

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