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Sports help you grow taller

11/07/2016 | 09:12 - Growth height exercises

You own modest height and you want to find ways to increase height effectively? So why don’t you play the sports below?

1/        Basketball:

Play basketball

Basketball is greatest sport to increase your height naturally.

Playing basketball requires you to run as well as jump.

When you jump up high, your body is no longer fighting the pull of gravity. So your growth plates will gain important extra centimeters in height.

Furthermore, when you come in motion much, growth hormone will be produced more.

All above elements will help basketball player increase the height fast and safely.

2/        Swimming:


Swimming is another sport that helps you grow taller effectively.

When you swim, all the muscles of your body come in motion, especially, muscles in legs, arms and chest.

Swimming will help you increase the length of the spine to improve your height.

3/        Skipping:

jump rope

Rope skipping is traditional way to increase the height.

While you jump rope, you are steadily jumping and suspending your body in air which helps your body stretch completely.

When all the muscles stretch and contract, this makes you to gain your height.

This is most simple sport to play, only with a rope, you can play wherever and whenever.

4/        Cycling:


According to scientists, cycling can stimulate your growth height as well.

If you ride a bike regularly, the joints in the legs will be stretched. This helps you to stimulate the growth and development of height.

Especially, cycling 3 – 6h per week which brings the best result.

5/        Badminton:

play badminton

Playing badminton requires you to use your arms constantly as well run around the court.

You can play badminton with your family or friends to improve your height.

6/        Running:


Running is another simple activity to increase your height.

You only spend 30 – 60 minutes per day to run to gain height effectively.

You can run in the morning or evening. Besides, you can also enjoy fresh atmosphere.

==> Everybody wants own tall body stature. So, you should play various outdoor sports regularly and get healthy diet to grow taller.

*** Good luck! ***

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