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Signs of diabetes

28/07/2016 | 13:38 - Diabetes treatment

The warning signs can be very mild which make you don’t notice them, such as: feeling hungry, thirsty and tired than usual, urinating often, blurred vision, dry mouth, itchy skin,…

In type 1 diabetes, the signs can develop very quickly, in just a few weeks even some days. It is more serious than type 2 diabetes.

Common Symptoms:

Both types of diabetes have some of the same symptoms

1/        Hunger and fatigue:


The body converts food you eat into glucose – supplies the energy for the cells. However, cells need insulin to absorb the glucose.

If the body doesn’t produce enough insulin or if cells resist insulin your body produces, the glucose can’t be absorbed, and you won’t have energy. This is why you always feel hungry and tired than usual.                          

2/       Urinating more and always feel thirsty:

The average person often urinates 4 - 7 times a day, but people with diabetes can go more.

The reason is that diabetes causes high blood sugar, the body will try to eliminate the excess sugar lead to the kidneys will work harder, so you urinate more. When you urinate too many times, you will feel thirsty. Meanwhile, you drink water more, you will also urinate more.                                                      

feel thirsty

3/       Dry mouth and itchy skin:

Itchy skin is a result of dry skin, your body isn’t enough water because of urinating more. Lack of water also makes your mouth feel dry.

4/       Blurred vision:

High blood glucose can make your lens swell up, they change shape and lose ability to focus. Consequently, you may feel blurred vision.

Other symptoms of Type 2 diabetes:

symptoms of diabetes

These signs usually appear after a long time you have high blood sugar.

1/       Fungal infections:

This sign can occur in both men and women with diabetes. Fungi can grow in any moist folds of skin, such as: between fingers and feet, under the breasts, in or around sex organs.

2/       Slow – healing wounds:

Over time, high blood sugar affects the flow of blood and cause damage to the blood vessels. This makes your body to heal wounds.

3/       Pain or numbness legs or feet:

This is also another result of nerve damage.

Other symptoms of Type 1 diabetes:


1/       Lose weight unexpectedly:

When the body can’t produce energy from food, it will get energy from fat and muscle. Therefore, you can lose weight without changing your diet.

2/       Nausea and vomiting:

When your body burns fat to make energy, it will create ketones. The process of accumulating ketones can make your body has diabetic ketoacidosis. This makes you feel nausea and vomiting.

When to go to the doctor:

call your doctor

If you’re over 45 and have the risks for diabetes, you should check your blood sugar. When you have diagnosis early that can help you prevent heart trouble, nerve damage and other complications.

So, you should see your doctor if:

- Feel sick in the stomach, weak and very thirsty.

- Frequent urination.

- Breathe deeply and faster than usual.

- Breath that smells like nail polish remover.

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