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Red blood bird nest

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  • Wonderful effects of red blood bird nest

Salanganes often make nests on limestone so as to absorb many nutrients from nature. A bird nest is a place where birds lay eggs and hatch eggs. Salanganes are the best food for seriously ill patients. There are 3 kinds of bird’s nests:  white, pink and red blood bird nests. Red blood bird nest is considered to be the highest quality product therefore; the price is rather expensive than other bird’s nest. 

  • Natural ingredients of red blood bird nest 

It has many irons, minerals and trace minerals. It was made by bird’s saliva so it didn’t have fatty acid. 
Vitamins and minerals help restore pains or health. Acid sialic (8,6%) in this bird enhance blood cells booster. Besides, there are so many vitamins E that it can help boost libido. 
2 main factors in each bird’s nest are glucose and protein. Protein includes 18 amino acids such as: Aspartic acid, Serine, Tyronsine… Specially, 31 multiple trace elements of bird’s nest can help control the nervous system.
Last but not least, bird’s nest is considered to be the best medicine to treat breast cancer and HIV/ AIDS effectively. 

  • Uses 

- Enhance energy and improve voice.
- Support to restore and cure pathogens or bacteria for lung patients.
- Support to protect and rebuild skin, prevent aging. So, it can help get rid of acnes, melasmas and pigmentations.
- Help boost immune system and metabolism. 
- Bird’s nest is a good nutrient food for male or female who wants to improve digestion, relieve fatigue, invigorate vital energy and improve blood circulation.  
- Especially, bird’s nest also treats insomnia, asthma for old people. If pregnant: use bird’s nest to provide necessary nutrients for fetal development week by week. It can help fetus be more and more intelligent.  
- Bird’s nest is the best valuable food for everyone.


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