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Raw white bird nest

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After harvesting bird nest, we should leave fur and dust to make it clearer. Pure raw white bird nest is very useful for your health in case of enhancing immune booster and preventing serious diseases. 

  • Main ingredients of bird’s nest:

Raw white bird nest contains protein, glucose, vitamins, minerals and trace minerals. It has 32 micro elements so they are not only good for children’s bone development but also oldster’s health. Moreover, tryptophan in white bird nest can help fetus’s development strong. 
How about female?

Is there any good results? 

Absolutely yes. Threonine in each bird’s nest supports collagen and elastin. They can prevent wrinkles, acnes, pigmentations… So, our skin will be healthier.


Besides, bird’s nest contains some elements such as: zinc, glucosamine…to prevent aging, boost memory…  
Specially, it also has some more wonderful elements: protein (40- 45%), aspartic acid (4, 49%), proline (5, 27%), cysteine, phenylalamine (4, 50%)… They help enhance memory, stabilize the nervous system and prevent osteoarthritis…

  • Effects of Bird’s nest

You will enhance immune system if you enjoy bird’s nest regularly. Moreover, liver system, digestive system, body detoxification, libido… will be increase, too.

How about children?

Is it really good?

Of course yes. It doesn’t has any side effects so, parents will use comfortably. Bird’s nest will bring benefits for children’s health such as: enhance immune system and metabolism. Specially, bird’s nest is very useful for anorexia or malnourished children.

Besides, bird’s nest is a wonderful detoxification for those who use wine or tobacco. It also has many necessary elements that help old people or patients become stronger and prevent aging.
There are some micro elements such as: Mangan, Copper, Zinc, Br… They are very useful for nervous system, memory booster. So, head workers will keep brain healthier, reduce stress and sleep well. 
If you are pregnant or nursing, bird’s nest will supply nutrients for both mom and baby. Last but not least, women will be younger if they use bird’s nest regularly. Because it contains threonine – a high anti- aging element, acnes and wrinkles will be got rid of effectively.  
In short, bird’s nest is such a wonderful natural product that everybody can enjoy without having any side - effects.

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