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Perfect Woman - Increase female libido

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As we all know, sex plays an important role in marriage. It helps bring happiness and maintain long-term relationship between husband and wife. Not many people, especially women are satisfied with their sex life due to some untold reasons.

Perfect Woman

Some women often complain about their loss of desire and barely get any sexual comfort whenever their parners suggest having sexual intercourse with them.

Perfect Woman

Women who are entering the stage of manopause often have some common symptoms such as loss of desire, flush, premature ageing, and reduction in physiological hormones.

When facing such sex problems, they do not seem confident or active in getting themselves excited in bed with their partners.

Perfect Woman

With Perfect Woman supplement, we are very proud to bring you back to a wonderful sex life and help you deal with all your sex problems.

Perfect Woman

And now, here is the necessary information we would like share on this product.

perfect woman

Perfect Woman contains some essential ingredients such as : L-Arginine HCL, L- Glutamic Acid, L- Lysine (as L- Lysine HCL), L- Alanine, Ginkgo biloba leaf, Isoflavones from Kudzurôt extract, Hawtrorn, Goldenseal Chasteberry, Angelica pudescens root, Cnidium monnieri Seed.

L-arginine is very essential in improving the blood flow to the sex organ, enhance female physiology and helping them find it easy to reach sexual orgasm.

Perfect Woman provides amino acids and some ingredients from herbal extract which are very helpful in improving hormones, regulating periods, boosting female sesual sensation, preventing agein.

Our product is also effective in treating premanopause and some common symptoms such as flush, hot flash, night perspiration, anxiety, dry skin and dry hair.

Further details on the product are:

  • Expiry date: 3 years since manufacture date
  • Manufacture date, serie No. printed on the label
  • This product is suitable for mature women, premanopausal and manupausal women
  • Storage: in dry, cool place, away from sunlight

Note: this product is not medicine and is not intended for treating or curing any diseases. Seek medical advice from your doctors if you are taking any drugs. In case some side effects are found, stop taking the drug and comsult the doctors immediately.

Origin: American Pharmaceutical & Health Products Inc, USA

Address: 2240 Stoney Point Farms Rd, Cumming, GA 30041, USA

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