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Natural tips to prevent hair loss

07/10/2016 | 15:55 - Hair care

When summer comes, hot weather will make you sweat more than normal, your sweat combines with smoke and dust can lead to dry, brittle, weak hair, even hair loss.

Today, this writing will introduce you a natural tip to help you solve above problems, especially hair loss. That is grapefruit peel – a simple and efficient ingredient.

Grapefruit peel which we usually throw away has ability to improve your hair effectively. That sounds strange, right?

fresh grapefruit peel

Benefits of grapefruit peel for hair:

   -  Grapefruit peel contains a lot of pectin, naringin, enzyme, ramoza sugar, vitamin A and vitamin C. It helps to treat hair loss and stimulate hair growth and thickness as well as make your hair healthier, firm and shiny.

   -  Besides, grapefruit essential oil is good for the brain, nervous system; its light fragrance helps reduce stress and fatigue.

grapefruit essential oil

If you want to use this way to care for your hair, follow these steps right now:

   -  Cut the fresh grapefruit peel into small pieces.

Cut the fresh grapefruit peel into small pieces

   -  Rinse and heat it up to a boil.

heat grapefruit up

   -  Remove from heat, let it cool naturally, and then use it to wash your hair. Massage it into your scalp and the lengths of the hair gently that help grapefruit oil penetrate deep into the hair.

wash your hair

   -  Don’t expect it to lather up very much. Let it sit for 5 minutes and rinse well.


    -  You can combine grapefruit peel with other herbs such as: Basil, lemongrass... after washing your hair, you will feel comfortable, relax and relieve stress.

    -   If you have too much grapefruit peels, you can dry them in the sun, and then store them carefully to use in later times.

    -  Use this remedy 3 times a week until you achieve the desired result.  

benefits of grapefruit peel

This method will help you get a healthy and shiny hair if you apply it in a long time.

*** Good luck ***

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