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Natural masks whiten face efficiently

04/11/2016 | 13:40 - Skin care

Mask is one of the effective ways for beautiful skin. So almost the beauty salon, spa use masks to care beauty for customers.

However, if you don’t have the condition and time to go to spa regularly, you can apply masks at home by natural ingredients.

Let's find out some effective masks!

1/      Lemon:


Lemon is very common ingredients. It is usually used in many processed foods and drink. Besides, the lemon mask may help your skin whiten naturally. You can mix lemon with honey, turmeric powder, and olive oil to create a paste, and then apply it on the skin.

Use 2 times per week, you will have a natural white skin.

However, the acid from lemon may erode skin causing sunburn, so you need use sunscreen whenever going outside.

2/      Oatmeal:


Oatmeal is known to be a wonder ingredient for health, and particularly women absolutely believe it to take care of beauty. Oatmeal contains saponin which helps clean the skin, control oil, and whiten skin effectively.

You may combine oatmeal with honey, fresh milk, yogurt or warm water; you've got an effective facial mask to help skin white, soft and smooth. 

3/      Potato:


Potato is rich in vitamins and minerals, especially potassium and vitamin C. Therefore, it is considered a natural ingredient whitening skin effectively.

Firstly, you mash potatoes and apply it on your face within 15 minutes, and then rinse with water. Your skin will whiter and smoother after using it 2-3 times. Or you can mix the potatoes with honey, fresh milk, yogurt to form a paste. The combination of potatoes with other popular ingredients will help increase the effectiveness of oatmeal mask.

4/      Egg:


You can use the egg white and the yolk to care your skin; they both bring very good results for beauty.

Fresh egg has ability to whiten, nourish the skin from deep within. Egg white contains amide, vitamin B, especially vitamin B3 with niacinamide that has been recognized as having the ability to help skin become whiter effectively. Also, egg white mask also tighten and improve skin elasticity.

To make the mask with egg white, you can mix it with honey, olive oil or soy milk, and then lather it onto your face. Leave it dry naturally and rinse face with water. Do it 2 – 3 times per week to get the best result.

*** Above are some foods that help skin whiter and smoother naturally. Wish you are always confident with natural white skin!

*** Good luck ***

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