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Nakashima – Solution for growing hair on skin around sexual organs

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Do you know the importance of public hair on mature male or female? Are you afraid of having less hair on sexual organs?

Hair on sexual organs is very important to our health. It can keep our genitals warm and prevent bacterial, dirt or warts. It also protects friction during sexual intercourse.

Some of women like shaving, waxing or trimming public hair permanently. We shouldn’t do that because of many reasons.

It can be itchy when it starts to grow back. Sexual attraction will be reduced, too. It can cause sexual transmitted infections (STIs).

The scientists proved that men’s emotional health are stimulated by women’s public hair. It increases sexual desire. Hair removal is not essential to maintain good hygiene. A hairless public area is dangerous to our health gradually. Let’s it stay along with us, don’t shave or wax it.

What should we do to stimulate public hair?

If you have less public hair, Nakashima will help you. With all- natural ingredients, Nakashima can help blood circulation and hair public building effectively.

Ginseng: contains high Sapolin. It can reduce stress and improve immune system.

Black sesame seeds: support public hair well because of containing Fe and vitamin E and PP.

Vitamin E: prevents bacteria from travelling into vagina.


- Lather on skin around sexual organs.

- Morning and evening are the best time to grow public hair.

Made in: Japan

Where could you find genuine product?

Products are imported and distributed by Health and Beauty care center Angkor Beauty.

With over 5 years of operation on caring health and beauty, Angkor Beauty possesses many shops in Pnompenh city.

Due to Angkor Beauty’s comfortable system, customers can view items easily. We try our best to get your pleasure.  You can get more favorable promotion when coming Angkor Beauty:

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- Return and refund within 7 days

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Angkor beauty: Health and beauty care center


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