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Nakashima – Solution for growing beard

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- Have you got a sparse beard?

- Do you satisfy with your beard?

- Do you feel confident with having a sparse beard?

- Do you want to possess an impressive appearance?

- Have you got any ideas to possess an impressive beard?

Every man desires a charming beard. But many of them have an undesirable beard because of different environment and heredity. Although they have tried many growth beard products, the results maybe couldn’t be satisfied.

They have used so many growth beard products that they can’t believe any of them anymore.

Don’t worry, Nakashima will answer your queries up to now. Nakashima will stimulate blood circulation on beard area.

Nakashima – the best biological product of Japan with a high quality is good for men who want to grow beard.

What are the advantages of Nakashima?

Nakashima is the best solution to stimulate blood circulation for growing hair on skin around mouth. You can possess a wonderful beard to be suitable with your style.

Nakashima is a serum with a variety of herbal flavors. It’s very useful indeed.

Moreover, Nakashima don’t have any adverse reactions or allergies.

Nakashima was made by good biotechnology from Japan.


- Ginseng

- Black sesame seeds

- Vitamin E


- Lather on skin around beard area.

- Morning and evening are the best time to grow beard.

Made in: Japan

Caution: Store in a dry and cold place. Keep out of the reach of children.

Skin irritation: slightly irritating

Expiry date: printed on the box

Where could you find genuine product?

Products are imported and distributed by Health and Beauty care center Angkor Beauty.

With over 5 years of operation on caring health and beauty, Angkor Beauty possesses many shops in Pnompenh city.

Due to Angkor Beauty’s comfortable system, customers can view items easily. We try our best to get your pleasure.  You can get more favorable promotion when coming Angkor Beauty:

- Free consultation with experienced staff.

- Genuine commitment

- Payment after received

- Free delivery across the country at the soonest time.

- Return and refund within 7 days

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us at:

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