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Melasma treatment with turmeric powder and CR5000

11/10/2016 | 13:51 - Skin care

Women appear much more melasma in the summer because of having bad habits such as: sunshine, unsuitable diet, cosmetics or medications. How can we treat melasma with turmeric powder?

Turmeric powder contains so much curcumin so it can prevent unwanted pathogens.

It also helps prevent oxidants and stabilize hormones to against harmful factors from outside. 

There are some guidance masks of homemade turmeric powder for women to care skin.  

1.    Turmeric and lemon juice: it can delete dark spots, acnes, dust and pathogens. 

2.    Turmeric powder and olive oil: restore damaged skin and tighten pores.

Melasma will be deleted in a short time. 

3.    Turmeric powder and yogurt: lather this mixture on face within 20 minutes.

Practice 2 times per week to help us possess a bright and smooth skin. 

4.    Turmeric powder and honey: contains anti-oxidants and moisture so it is necessary for our skin. 

Especially, turmeric powder is considered to be used for those who have sensitive skin.

It maybe causes unwanted side effects.

Therefore, we should plus supplement to treat melasma well.

That is CR 5000. 

Is CR 5000 helpful for our skin?

Yes, of course. 

CR 5000 can helps: 

-    Supply collagen to maintain elasticity, moisture to make skin brighter. 

-    Prevent melanin building (pigmentation) to deletes wrinkles at Middle Ages. 

-    Supply hormones to make skin whiter and get rid of dark spots or melasma. 

Restore skin cells to make skin brighter naturally. 

Those are face masks to treat melasma and shorten pores effectively.

We can possess a beautiful skin if we choose a suitable lotion.

Let’s consult health care provider to try a suitable lotion with each skin type.

Last but not least, applying a healthy diet or dietary supplement makes your skin beauty inside. 


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