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Kinds of milk to improve height

17/08/2016 | 13:45 - Growth height knowledge

Everyone wants to possess an ideal height like models. In adolescent period (10 – 19 years old), we need to supply various nutrients to build body effectively. Instead of applying a suitable diet, we should plus kinds of milk daily to boost energy.

1.    Cow milk, fresh milk: 

They contain high calcium and protein.

They are very helpful for bone development.

A liter of milk contains 1200mg calcium.

It can support digestive system and absorb nutrients better.

Besides, lactoza in milk also helps our body calcium absorption well.

2.     Soybean milk: 

This milk doesn’t contain fat so we don’t worry about overweight or obesity. 

Soybean milk contains so much protein, calcium and minerals to boost height and vitality.

It also has vitamin D to improve bone development. 

3.    Yogurt:

A jar of yogurt contains 370 mg calcium. 

In order to grow height effectively, we should enjoy 2 jars of yogurt every day.  

Yogurt helps you grow height naturally because it is high in protein, vitamin and minerals. 

Note: We should obey a suitable diet with various foods or a regular exercise program to get the desirable height. 

Moreover, we can plus a dietary supplement to support digestive system and nutrients absorption. 

Wish you have a wishful height!


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