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Excess fat makes skin baggy. Women always feel uncomfortable in communication and sexual life.

Moreover, we also can meet many serious diseases such as: obesity, diabetes, hypertension…

Slim body cream is considered to be one of the new beauty trends nowadays. It is suitable for busy women. They don’t have so much time on fitness or diet.  

We will show you Kami Skin – slimming body scream. This lotion can help us possess a slim waist.

We are committed to the quality of each product that we offer to the market. With friendly consultants, customers will be cared faithfully.

Customers will choose suitable items for each physical condition.


Kami Skin can absorb into fatty tissues such as: wrist, arm, belly, waist, femoral areas…

It can help burn redundant fat and increase elasticity for skin. We can feel the differences after using Kami Skin 10 – 20 minutes. 
Specially, postpartum women have skin cracks and pigmentations.

These symptoms also meet in officers or middle women…Kami Skin will help delete fatty tissues and cracks effectively.

You will possess a white and smooth skin soon. 

3 wonderful advantages of Kami Skin: 

- Effective fat burning through sweat glands and urine. 

- Prevent fatty tissues development. 

- Reduce the problem of obesities such as: diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, allergy…

Here are some feedbacks of customers with Kami Skin:

- Miss Rosie (librarian): “I have 2 children so I used to have a lot of belly fat and cracks. I lost belly fat within 2 months due to Kami Skin. Now, I possess a smooth belly”.  

 - Miss Katie (staff): “I often work in office all day so I have a lot of redundant fat at belly. I couldn’t wear body hugging dresses. After trying Kami Skin for a month, belly fat was deleted. I feel confident now”.

 - Mr. David: “I use Kami Skin every day. My wife lathers and massage on my skin. Therefore, my big belly will be reduced. Unbelievable!”


Kami Skin was extracted from natural herbs such as: Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Schinus Terebinthifolius ( pink pepper extract), Cetyl Alcohol (vegetable oil extract), Chenopodium quinoa, Glycerin, Titanium Dioxide 2,0%, Ethylhexyl 

Kami Skin contains natural herbs extract so it can absorb into the epidermis of the skin and fatty tissues and burn fat well. 

- Vitamin E: plays very important roles for skin such as: nourish skin, prevent wrinkles and pigmentations… It also helps exfoliate dead skin cells. 

- Schinus Terebinthifolius (pink pepper extract): According to researches, pink peppers can burn excess fat fast.

They help transfer fat into energy. Therefore, fat at belly, waist, and arm… can be reduced. 

- Chenopodium quinoa: brown fat cells (multilocular cells) are not the main reason of baggy skin. 

Those are white fat cells (unilocular cells). They will be increased whenever our body absorbs fat. According to SEPPIC center (France),

Quinoa extract get the best result in delete fat cells and prevent white fat cells.

- Glycerin: is considered to be the best natural beauty care. Glycerin can help our skin moisturize well. It also prevents the signs of premature aging potent antioxidant. 


Use Kami Skin 1 time per day to get the best result. The best time for skin absorption is in the evening before bedtime. 

- In the morning: lather this anti- cellulite cream whenever we are hungry. Organs in the body will transfer excess fat into energy.

- After taking a bath: lather Kami Skin cream and massage smoothly. 

Pores will be enlarged after having a bath; therefore, using this cream at this time will help burn fat more.

- After doing fitness: lather this cream at this time will enhance to burn excess fat well. 

- We can feel the heat after lathering Kami Skin cream. We should massage within 10 minutes to get rid of dead skin cells. The dosage belongs to our physical condition.

- Take a small skin area to test if you possess a sensitive skin.  

- For external use only. Do not apply to face, chest, wounds or damaged, broken or irritated skin. 

- Keep out of the reach of children.

- For people who are sensitive to components, this cream is not recommended. 

- Not recommended for pregnant women. 

- Do not lather so much to avoid irritating. 

- Stop use if: condition worsen, irritation develops and redness is present. 

These statements have not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent and disease. 

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