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Kami skin – anti melasma, freckle, brown spots, acne cream

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I/         Introduction:

-  KAMI SKIN - is great product for aging skin, lesions, melasma.

-  KAMI SKIN contains a lot of nutrients, vitamins with microscopic particles can penetrate to deeper layers of the skin which directly helps skin absorb nutrients and vitamins easily and efficiently.

-  Ingredients of cream are so smooth, so you won’t feel greasy when using it.

Kami Skin K3

II/        Ingredients:

KAMI SKIN is synthesized from natural ingredients such as ganoderma, ginseng, turmeric extract, honey, aloe vera, snail mucus... combined with natural pearl powder which help to fade melasma, freckle, dark spots and make the skin smoother.

           1. Ganoderma:

-  Ganoderma is considered the most perfect herb for your beauty.

-  Using Ganoderma regularly helps provide water needed for the body, helps to maintain and regulate the water that give the skin elasticity and strength.

-  Ganoderma always keep your skin ruddy and smoother.

-  Besides it also helps to purify the body, help excrete toxins in the body. It eliminates the strange pigmentation on the skin that makes your skin beautiful and glowing.


      2. Ginseng:

-  Ginseng helps anti-aging, cares and nourishes the skin cells deep within your pores, eliminates tanned skin, especially effective against harmful bacteria for the skin.

-  Mild aroma of ginseng has the ability to fight fatigue, enhance your health.


      3. Aloe Vera:

-  Aloe Vera helps reduce the swelling of acne, prevent new acne formation and also promote the regeneration of skin cells and tissues.

aloe vera


      4. Concentrated colostrums:

-  The first milk is extremely rare, rich in nutrients and antibodies such as IgA, IgC, IgM - anti-infective and antibacterial agents.

-  The concentration of IgC in colostrum can be up to 200% compared to other common milk, so concentrated colostrum is rich in protein, vitamins and the minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium that moisturize the skin effectively.


III/      Effects:

-  Help promote sloughing off dead skin cells, freckles, dark spots, melasma and marks left by acne.

-  Remove melasma, freckles, dark spots, all kinds of acne effectively after just one week of using.

-  Deep skin cleansing, removal of impurities from the pores.

-  Fight aging, restore the cells and regenerate new cells. Promote protein synthesis, stimulates the collagen formation.

-  Vitamin C and natural herbs found in the KAMI SKIN cream help you get smooth and glowing easily.

-  Help you get even skin tone on face naturally and make pores smaller.

Kami Skin K3

IV/      Directions:

After washing your face, you apply in small amount of KAMI SKIN all over your face and neck, then massage gently until your skin absorbs the cream. Using cream while skin is still moist.

Use twice a day, drink enough 2,5l of water per day. Use in the morning and evening to get the best result. Besides, you can also combine with face moisturizer to help increase the strength of the skin so you can get smooth, bright skin after just one week.

Massage gently all over the face, don’t need sauna, mask or make up after applying the cream. Storage in a cool temperature.

Kami Skin K3


Normally, person who owns melasma but healthy skin won’t have burning, redness or other irritation when apply the Kami skin. You need continue to use Kami skin because Kami skin is for healthy skin, your skin will bright and beautiful gradually.

In the cases of weak skin, allergic skin, skin infections, in the early days, your skin will be red or swollen so much ( you can cover cold towel on your face or reduce the amount of times you use KAMI SKIN ) and experiences the following symptoms:

Day 1, 2:  your skin will feel itchy slightly and red. Many customers think that skin allergies.

Day 3, 4: your skin will be more itchy, burning and red.

Day 5, 6: the skin starts stretch but still itching and redness.

Day 7, 8: skin begins darker, pores open and push out oily, toxins, tiny pimples appear.

Day 9, 10: skin still further stretch, dark, but redness and itching will reduce a little. Firstly, skin will be burn, but after 10 minutes it will decrease.

Day 11, 12, 15: Skin will have wrinkles look like old woman’s wrinkled skin, at this time, skin begins to peel slightly.

Kami Skin K3

==> When skin starts to peel. Please continue to use the KAMI SKIN. It will continue to eliminate toxins through your skin. Now your skin has improved so much, and become more beautiful than before.

==> Depending on the types of skin, process of using KAMI SKIN cream will be different, no two people are alike, you need to understand your skin type to use cream effectively.

Customer Reviews

Ms. Maria: “Thanks to SKIN KAMI cream, my skin is no longer rough and melasma on my face has started to fade gradually , now my skin is always smooth, ruddy "


Mrs. Smith: “My melasma is not only on the skin surface but also in the deeper layers of skin. However, KAMI SKIN helps me improve my skin effectively, it’s becoming glow and white”.


Ms. Jenny: “My skin has a lot of marks left by acne, especially my pores are large so I always feel embarrassed by my skin. Since I started using KAMI SKIN cream, my skin has improved so much. Thanks Kami Skin".


Mrs. Brown: “I used to be very sad about my sagging skin, drooping eyelids. But since I used Kami Skin, my skin begins lighter that makes me feel young again”.


*** There are a lot of other customers who have used KAMI SKIN cream to fight melasma, brown spots, freckle and acne successfully:




*** The effectiveness of the product may vary and depend on the each person’s physical condition ***

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++ If you have any questions, please contact us at : #13K, St 271, Trapeang Chhok Village,Teuk Thla Commune, Sen Sok District, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


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