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How to use coffee to whiten skin

07/10/2016 | 10:10 - Skin care

You used to make beauty with fresh milk, aloe vera, tomato... So, have you tried to use coffee to whiten skin yet? This may sound strange but its effects will make you extremely sudden. Let’s find out!


What is coffee powder? 

Reminding to coffee, everyone knows the caffeine in them. Caffeine has ability to accelerate the circulation of blood that help people feel alert and focused.

Therefore, when you use coffee to beautify the skin, it also has the same effect, it promote blood circulation that make skin firm and rosy.

In addition, caffeine also contains a strong antioxidant that can remove the dead cells on the skin’s surface, clean of dirt in the pores and blur the dark spots, age spots, freckles effectively.

coffee mask

How to use coffee to whiten skin?

Coffee is very benign, so the girls who have sensitive skin or acne can completely rest assured to use it as a safe skin care therapy at home.

You can use the coffee grounds after drinking coffee, or use directly the coffee powder to beautify the skin.

When you make facial mask with coffee, you should combine the other ingredients to get the best result, such as coconut oil, olive oil, milk, honey, lemon…

1/      Coffee and fresh milk:


   -  1/4 bowl of coffee powder.

   -  2 tablespoons non-sugar fresh milk

Coffee and fresh milk

How to do:

   -  Mix coffee powder and fresh milk; stir the mixture until it turns a paste.

   -  Wash your face with warm water to open pores.

   -  Apply it on your face and neck, and then relax and wait for 20 minutes.

   -  Remove the mask; wash your face with clean water.

After applying this mask, your skin will become smoother and firmer. Do it twice a week for a short time, you will get a white and rosy skin.

2/      Coffee and coconut oil:

Coconut oil is very effective for skin whitening, moisturizing, and antioxidant for the skin. So, the mixture of coffee powder and coconut oil can lighten up the uneven skin tone, reduce wrinkles and anti-aging.


   -  ¼ bowl of coffee powder.

   -  Coconut oil.

Coffee and coconut oil

How to do:

   -  Mix coconut oil and coffee powder in a bowl, stir the mixture well until you get a smooth paste.

   -  Wash your face with warm water to open pores. Apply the mixture onto your face and neck and leave it dry naturally for 30 minutes.

   -  Finally, rinse your face thoroughly with a mild cleanser.

   -  Use this mask regularly twice a week for effective result.

3/      Coffee, olive oil, brown sugar and honey:

This mask has ability to lighten up the skin, remove dead cells as well as moisturize the skin effectively. Honey is for people with dry skin, and lemon juice for those who have oily skin.


    -  ¼ bowl of coffee powder.

    -  ¼ bowl of brown sugar.

    -  2 tablespoons olive oil or coconut oil

    -  2 tablespoons honey or lemon juice

Coffee, olive oil, brown sugar and honey

How to do:

    -  Mix coffee and brown sugar, stir it well.

    -  Add olive oil (coconut oil), honey (lemon juice) into that bowl and stir the mixture well again.

    -  Wash your face with warm water. Apply the mixture onto your face (avoid your eyes) for 30 minutes.

    -  Finally, wash your face with clean water.

Here are some ways to whiten face skin with coffee. Besides, you can also use them to whiten your full body, you just need to increase the amount of ingredients, and apply it before showering.

*** Moreover, ​you should plus a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle to make skin bright inside.

*** Besides, you can also use dietary supplement to support a white skin.

Wish you have a beautiful skin! 

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