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How to lose weight fast within 1 week

11/07/2016 | 14:07 - Weight loss menu

In order to lose weight effectively, everybody always think of using cosmetic surgery or skipping meals seriously. Here is the weight loss menu to reduce excess fat within 1 week. No need to skip meals. No need to get rid of your favorite food.

1. Create a suitable healthy diet
You shouldn’t skip the meals. Choosing healthy food, less – calorie food, low – fat food are good for your health. 

Let’s follow a balanced diet

Here are some professors’ advices for those who want to lose weight fast

+ You should supply 1700 calories daily. 

+ Enjoy 5 – 6 small meals per day to control your carvings perfectly. 

+ Let’s follow this step: “Breakfast like a King, lunch like a Queen, dinner like a pauper”. Specially, you should limit fiber for dinner. 

+ Let’s enjoy so much vegetables and fruits, specially, lemon and grapefruit will help you burn excess fat fast. 

+ You can eat meat completely. However, you had better eat red meat like beef. Beef don’t transfer fat. 

2. Weight loss menu within 1 day. 

Here are some suggestions for us to lose weight fast    

Menu for breakfast:

+ Suggestion 1: an omelet and a cup of orange juice.

+ Suggestion 2: one piece of beefsteak + a cup of non – sugar soya bean milk

+ Suggestion 3: a piece of bread + a cup of hot coffee. 

An omelet for breakfast

Menu for lunch

+ Suggestion 1: a bowl of rice + vegetables soup + grape fruit. 

+ Suggestion 2: a bowl of rice + boiled meat + a cup of lemon juice + a banana

+ Suggestion 3: a bowl of rice + grilled salmon + vegetables salad + a cup of tomato juice

Beef has no fat

Menu for dinner:

+ Suggestion 1: boiled chicken + bitter gourd soup + a apple

+ Suggestion 2: Beef dipped in boiling water + a plate of boiled vegetables + a yoghurt

+ Suggestion 3: steamed fish + a plate of boiled vegetables + a banana

Steamed fish is good for your health

In order to lose weight effectively, you should combine a regular healthy diet with a suitable exercise program

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