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How to jog to gain weight effectively

31/08/2016 | 13:49 - Weight gain exercises

With any exercises, you do it in different directions that will achieve different effects. Like jogging, you have to properly practice to get highly effective.

Jogging every day to help people boost your mood and promotes weight gain. However, how to jog to achieve the best effect? If you want to gain weight quickly by jogging, you should note the following notes:

1/    Jogging schedule:


To gain weight with jogging exercise, you don’t need jog every day, only 2-3 times weekly, about 1 hour per time. Because when you run too much, the body will burn more calories, so you can hardly be successful weight gain.               

Don’t jog when too hungry or too full that will make your stomach be hurt and affect the amount of food intake. You can jog in the morning and before breakfast that helps you eat tasty. Or before sleeping time about 2 hours, you should jog or walk about 20 minutes to get a good night's sleep and deep sleep.  

2/      How to jog properly:

Warm up:

   -  Before jogging, you should warm up carefully to prevent accidents while practicing and lead to a more effective workout.

   -  Warm up by the full body or limbs exercises. You should warm up gently to avoid exhaustion while jogging.   

warm up


   -  When jogging, the best posture is to keep your posture straight.

   -  The other postures, especially slouching posture, bending from the waist will lead to many common injuries. Straight posture will reduce pressure on the knee to help you run faster, on the other hand, it also makes you feel more confident.

   -  Moreover, you should breathe rhythmically and hands held in unclenched fist. Good jogging form will help you increase weight effectively.


Breathe through your nose:

   -  While jogging, the body will lose water, breathing through your mouth makes you lose more water and fell into distress quickly.

   -  Breathe through your nose will help prolong the jogging time. At the same time, breathing rhythmically provides fresh air for lungs; helps respiratory system works smoothly that is good for your health.

jogging with a straight posture

Run softly:

   -  Try jogging lightly and rhythmically. Because jogging slowly will help you limit the amount of calories burn but still boost metabolism.

   -  Consolidate the digestion, detoxification systems.

   -  Especially, you need try to land on midsole or forefoot that will greatly reduce the chance of injury.

3/       After jogging:

take a rest after jogging

After jogging, you take a break about 30 minutes, and then eat your meals. You should consume high in protein, starch foods to support weight gain effectively.       

Jogging is not only useful to people who want to lose weight. It also strengthens your weight and muscle if you jogging properly.

*** Good luck ***

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