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How to increase height with exercises

11/07/2016 | 08:13 - Growth height exercises

“Have you ever dreamt about of having long legs like models?” Or “ You are wondering how can grow taller few centimeters, aren’t you?”

Don’t worry! Here are some tips on exercises which can help you without any side effects.

1/        Vertical jump:


vertical jump

Stand with feet together.

Squat, raise arms overhead.

Reach arms behind back and jump up.

Do it within 60 seconds.

2/        Jump up and clap hands:

jump and clap

Stand with feet together.

Jump up and clap hands, land softly.

Do it within 60 seconds.

3/        Flying birds:


flying birds

Lay face down on the floor.

Bring arms overhead, palms facing each other.

Slowly raise your arms, legs and chest off the ground.

Bring arms straight out to your sides.

Return step 2. Do it within 60 seconds.

4/        Crouched posture:


crouched posture

Stand with feet together.

Each hand holds a small dumbbell. Palms facing thighs.

Keep back straights, bend forward.

Stand up, bend the elbows. Push your weight toward the shoulders.

Do within 60 seconds.

5/        Push – up:

push up


Knees touch the floor. 

Palms down on the floor (approximately shoulder width apart), with your elbows point toward your toes.

Bend your elbows, push up the body off the ground.

Return to started position.

Do within 60 seconds.

6/        Dumbbell jump squat:


jump squat

Stand with feet hip – width apart.

Each hand holds a small dumbbell. Palms facing your body.

Squat down, jump up as high possible while bending your elbows out to the sides.

Back to started position.

Do within 60 seconds.

*** Good luck!***

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