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How should people with diabetes eat fruits properly?

04/10/2016 | 09:51 - Diabetes treatment

Many people think that eating fruits will make the blood sugar levels go up, so they eliminate these foods from the daily diet.

should people with diabetes eat fruits

Some patients said that their food choices will be limited when having diabetes, this can make diabetic patients exhausted and lacking in nutrients. This is one of the utterly false notions in the choosing diets for diabetics.

So how to control blood sugar levels without lacking of vitamins and minerals?

The answer is fruits and fruits.

Although fruits are rich in natural sugar, but they provide many different nutrients such as vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, etc that be useful for diabetics.

The fruits contain a large of water content, about 75% -95%, helping to supply the water needed for the body. Vitamin C in fruits helps to strengthen the immune system, fight diseases. However sugar content in dried fruits is always higher than fresh fruits.

eating fruit right

Can people with diabetes only eat some of kinds of fruits?

This is a misconception that many people have. In fact, a diabetic patient can eat all fruits but in a limited quantity. Because fruits provide water, sugar, fiber, vitamin B, C, minerals, calcium, magnesium, potassium… all of them are very good for the body.

Should diabetic patients follow these general guidelines when eating fruit?

fruits for diabetics

Not really. Diabetes is a complex disease and every diabetic patient must treat with a different treatment depending on the stage of disease, extent of disease and physical health of each person. Therefore, the general guidelines for all diabetics when eating fruits are wrong completely.

Example:    Father and son are diabetics.

The father has lived with diabetes for 15-20 years, while his son had it two months ago. If the father eats a banana, blood sugar levels can be raised up to 80 mg/dL, but his son cannot have such high blood sugar after eating a banana.

Because the pancreas of new diabetic patient still can control glucose levels, the blood sugar will be spiked.

What kinds of fruits are recommended for people with diabetes?

fruits for people with diabetes

The fruits with low glycemic-index (GI) may be a good choice as apples, oranges, strawberries, lemons and plums. Some fruits such as grapes, mangoes, bananas, custard, durian, jackfruit, litchi, longan ... can be eaten but with limited quantities (one or two slices) because they have a high sugar content.

Some fruits such as grapefruit, orange, lemon, guava, apple... can be eaten more quantities. In addition, nutrition experts also recommend that people with diabetes should avoid eating fully-ripe fruit because sugar content in ripe fruit is highest.

Can people with diabetes drink fruit juice?

eat fruit, don't drink it

Fruit juices are not the ideal drink for diabetics, even canned juices are labeled as non-sugar.

Fruit juice is one of the causes of the sudden increase in blood sugar. Chewing or eating make the body absorb sugar content gradually, if the sugar content increases it is also slower.

In addition, eating fruit also make the fiber content rise for the body, which helps prevent constipation, reduce the lipid levels in the blood.

When should people with diabetes eat fruit?

Diabetics eat fruits immediately after lunch or dinner that can make blood sugar rise rapidly. Diabetics should eat fruits at least two hours after meals; eating fruit at this time will not cause blood sugar of patients increase suddenly.

The ideal time to eat fruit is mid-morning, about 11 am or 5 pm. 

Notes for people with diabetes:

notes for diabetics

     -  Do not eat a kind of fruit too much, eat diverse fruits.

     -  Limit your intake of dried fruit, canned.

     -  Eat fruits far from the main meal.

     -  Check the health frequently because everyone usually reacts differently depending on the extent of disease and physical health.

     -  Don’t drink fruit juice.

     -  Eat fruit 3 times per day.

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