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How did i lose weight fast?

06/10/2016 | 09:12 - Weight loss success stories

My successful weight loss method changed my life indeed. I haven't been provoked anymore. I have many good opportunities now. Do you want to know my tips? Let's follow my story to find out my secret.

Hi all, I’m travelling with my boyfriend now.

Do you wonder why I feel comfortable? 

I remember this quote suddenly: “Everything happens for a reason. That reason causes change”.

It is suitable for my situation now. When I basked in the warm sunlight with my nice bikini, I suddenly heard somebody’s voice:

 “Your body looks so beautiful” – the girl who sat next to me said. 

She was older than me, I thought. Her body was so fat.

Every move she make, I saw her cellulite. How bad it was! I responded her: 

“I used to be fat, very fat. I had difficulties in favorable clothes.

I used to apply a lot of weight loss methods but i didn’t get any success…” She interrupted me immediately:

“How? How? Why do you become a nice girl? Why did you lose weight fast?  Tell me, please. It’s unbelievable! 

I told her the story of my life. Up to now, I haven’t believed yet. 

How can I lose weight fast? It is a dream indeed.

In the past, eating was my hobby. I used to eat a lot at night.

I ate anything that I wanted.

My body became fat day by day.

Therefore, I had little friends and I had no boyfriend, too. 

My eating habit made me not have any good opportunities in my life. 

I made up my mind to lose weight. That was my target at that time!

Then I changed my life when I accidentally read an article… 

I determined to lose weight within 3 months only.

And the miracle happened…! 

Now, I feel extremely confident with my body. I weigh only 103 pounds.

Nothing is impossible in this life if we have determination. 

I could do it successfully. How about you? Are you ready? 

I really want to share you my weight loss success story. Click Here to see more

Now, I continue taking a bath with my boyfriend. I will update my blog regularly! 

Follow my blog to find out my keys! 


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