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HG9 – Hair growth serum

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Do you have a bald head? Does your beard look like? Do you satisfy with your eyebrows? Is everything fine? Are you afraid of being called “bald”? Don’t worry, it’s no big deal. HG9 will solve all your solution

- As you know, the older we have, the less hair we have.

- Do you want to possess an impressive beard like American boys?

- Do you want to improve hair on chest?

- You have spent so much time on making tattooed eyebrows without having any satisfaction. Have you got any solutions?

- Hair on skin around sexual organs makes you uncomfortable with your sweetheart, too.

- Do you want to possess a good – looking appearance with an impressive beard? Let’s change ourselves to feel how wonderful this life is.

Tips for all of you who want to solve hair problems

HG9 contains so many natural ingredients that they can improve your hair development effectively.

Olive oil: contains unsaturated fats and anti- oxidants to help hair care. Moreover, eyebrows are lengthened and hair is developed fast.

Grapefruit extract: contains vitamin, pectin and naringin so they can control weak hair and stimulate hair building.

Pine extract: prevents anti – aging, rejuvenates cells, cares and builds strong hair.

Besides, HG9 has ginger, ginseng root, almond … They can help hair absorption fast.  

Marvelous uses from HG9

Grow hair on head and eyebrows

Help strengthen hair roots

Get rid of having bald hair.

Grow hair on skin around sexual organs.


Lathered hands to sectioned hair focusing on roots. Practice 2 – 3 times daily.

Lather on your eyebrows 1 -2 times daily.

Before bedtime is the best time to absorb serum.

Caution: The effectiveness of the product may vary and depend on the each person’s skin. You should apply this serum with a massage to get the best result.

Use only as directed, avoid contact with eyes.

- Net weight: 30ml

- Made in: USA

Where could you find genuine product?

Products are imported and distributed by Health and Beauty care center Angkor Beauty.

Due to Angkor Beauty’s comfortable system, customers can view items easily. We try our best to get your pleasure.  You can get more favorable promotion when coming Angkor Beauty:

- Free consultation with experienced staff.

- Genuine commitment

- Payment after received

- Free delivery across the country at the soonest time.

- Return and refund within 7 days

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us at:

#13K, St 271, Trapeang Chhok Village,Teuk Thla Commune, Sen Sok District, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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