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D.I.Y hair removal wax with chrysanthemum and honey

13/12/2016 | 13:06 - Skin care

Chrysanthemum and honey will help you remove the wax safely and effectively.

With special recipe from honey and chrysanthemum, you can make hair removal wax at home without worrying about money.

Why does body hair appear a lot?

The reason why women have suddenly a lot of the body hair is the surge (the male hormone).  

When your body has a critical shortage of estrogen (the female hormone), it will produce a large number of progesterone that promote the growth of body hair. Therefore, if you see the body hair develop too fast, your body wants to remind you supply estrogen.

the yellow chrysanthemums

Improve your health from the inside:

In order to remove body hair thoroughly, you should supply enough estrogen for your body.

Unsweetened soy milk contains high estrogen levels. You should drink 2 cups of soy milk per day. This habit will give large amount of female hormone for body, it also helps you get a beautiful skin and prevent aging skin.

In addition to soy milk, you can use a lot of foods that replenish the estrogen for body, such as: sunflower seeds, peanuts, sesame, or garlic...

soy milk supply enough estrogen

Remove body hair from outside:

This method uses 100% natural ingredient, it’s extremely effective, but you need to be patient and meticulous. Before hair removal, you should clean the area you’re getting a wax. You can use a razor and shave lightly the opposite direction that the hair grows without scratching, and skin lesions.


- 3 yellow chrysanthemums

- 4 teaspoons of honey

- 1/2 orange

the chrysanthemums and honey


  -  Wash the chrysanthemums, squeeze orange. Pour 500 ml water in the pot, and then pour orange and put chrysanthemums into the pot.

  -  Boil for 3-5 minutes until water turn yellow.

  -  Then you take out the chrysanthemums, add honey into the pot and continue to boil until the bubbles are on the top.

  -  Pour the mixture into the bowl, and let it cool.

get a wax

Step 1: After shaving the area you’re getting a wax (arms, legs, armpits…). You should take a bath with warm water before waxing to get the highest efficiency.

Step 2: Apply the mixture onto the skin, and massage gently 3 – 5 minutes.

Step 3: Finally, wash your skin with warm water and apply moisturizer as usual.

waxing body

If you apply this method 2 times per week hardly, you will get the result as desired.

Bisabolol oxides are potentially active ingredient of chrysanthemum; it contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and purifies, prevents aging effectively. Besides, the orange contains high levels of vitamin C to support the process of inhibiting hair follicle, shrinking pores. Moreover honey will soften and soothe the skin.

Using this formula not only helps you cleanse body hair little by little, but also makes your skin brighter and smoother naturally.

Last but not least, applying a healthy diet or dietary supplement makes your skin beauty inside.

*** Good luck ***

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