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Green tea extract effective for weight loss

27/08/2016 | 11:11 - Weight loss menu

In recent years, researchers have shown the positive impacts of green tea to health.

Green tea brings many benefits to your health. Therefore, drinking a glass of green tea every day will help to purify the body and help you lose weight quickly.

There are a lot of people like to drink green tea but don’t know how to brew the tea. The following article will tell you some tips to brew green tea extremely delicious and attractive.

extract green tea


      -  200gr fresh green tea leaves.

      -  2 slices fresh ginger.

      -  3 liters of boiling water.


      -  Wash green tea leaves, and then soak them in water in 10 minutes before take out.

      -  Rinse the teapot by boiling water.

      -  Place tea leaves into teapot; add 2 slices of fresh ginger.

      -  Pour ½ liter of boiling into the teapot, and then remove the water, keep tea leaves.

      -  Pour 2.5 liters of boiling water into teapot, uncovered it in 20 minutes.

  ==>  You can add ice into the teapot after 20 minutes. So you will have a delicious a teapot pot of fresh green tea.

green tea


       -  You should not drink tea on an empty stomach.

       -  Drink fresh brewed tea: It would be good if you drink warm tea, not too hot. Cold tea contains many bacteria, as well as anti-bacterial properties are greatly reduced.

       -  Don’t put sugar into tea: When you place sugar into tea which can remove nutrients. You can use honey to instead of sugar

       -  Avoid drinking thick tea: Don’t brew tea too thick.

       -  Don’t drink tea with drugs.

       -  Don’t drink tea too much: Every day you should drink 1-2 cups.

       -  Drink tea in right time: you should take your green tea at least 2 hour before and after meals. If you are dieting and want to control your appetite, drink green tea about 1 hour before meals.

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