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Great breakfast foods for weight loss

04/01/2017 | 13:04 - Weight loss menu

Strict diet is not a good way to lose weight effectively. You should apply a reasonable menu and remove the dishes which have ability to make you gain weight. Don’t skip breakfast to lose weight; breakfast can also help you lose weight.

great breakfast foods for weight loss

Let’s refer the ideal breakfast foods for weight loss:

1. Vegetable Salad:

Eating more vegetables and fruits in the morning will be very good. Salad will help you provide enough energy to start a new day; especially it can also support effective weight loss.

You can change salad ingredients regularly, examples: vegetables and cherry tomato salad, vegetables and fruit salad...

The salad recipes are very simple, you just wash and chop the ingredients, and then mix them with spices and lemon juice; put it in the refrigerator about 10-15 minutes, after that you can enjoy the delicious and healthy salad to lose weight.

Vegetable Salad

2. Black bread and fried egg:

Egg is one of the nutritious foods and it can help you lose weight. Breakfast with fried egg and tasty black bread has many advantages for people who are losing weight.

Black bread

3. Cereal with fresh fruit:

Don’t eliminate cereal from your diet, you should find out about its benefits. You don’t think that cereals contain more starch and it will make you gain weight. Eating cereal with fresh fruit such as bananas, apples, pears in the morning can help you lose weight effectively.

Cereal with fresh fruit

4. Avocado smoothie:

You can prepare a breakfast with avocado smoothie and some nuts such as chestnuts, almonds...

Drinking a glass of avocado smoothie in the morning helps you supply enough nutrients for your body and support the process of removing excess fat.

Avocado smoothie

5. Apple oatmeal:

Oats and apples have ability to eliminate excess fat in the abdomen effectively. Besides, oatmeal contains many nutrients which can make slowly the process of accumulation of fat in the body.

Apple oatmeal

6. Boiled eggs and grapefruit:

Grapefruit is capable of supporting extremely effective weight loss. Many dieting drugs, dieting dietary supplements are extracted from grapefruit.

Breakfast with 1 egg and ½ grapefruit will help you lose weight surprisingly.


Here are the ideal breakfast foods for weight loss.

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Superior Fat Burner

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