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Gain weight with meat – potato soup

01/09/2016 | 08:42 - Weight gain menu

Meat potato soup is so full of flavor and so many delicious ingredients. As with any food, if you eat too much soup and go over your recommended calories for the day, you could gain weight.

Besides, meat – potato soup is higher in calories than others, it will help you increase your weight effectively.

meat - potato soup


     -  0.4 kg minced pork

     -  1 tablespoon butter

     -  1 peeled onion

     -  2 cloves garlic

     -  3 potatoes

     -  1 teaspoon salt

     -  1 teaspoon pepper

     -  2 teaspoon parsley

     -  2 teaspoon flour

     -  4 cups milk


How to cook:

  Step 1:

     Start by chopping onions

step 1

 Step 2:

     Mince garlic.

step 2

 Step 3:

     Wash potatoes.

step 3

 Step 4:

     Cut the potatoes into small chunks. 

step 4

 Step 5:

      Put meat in the hot frying pan and fry it until the meat is no longer pink.

      Meanwhile, melt the butter in another frying pan. Add onions and cook until soft.

step 5

 Step 6:

      Add garlic, potatoes, salt, pepper and parsley into the mixture butter and onions, then stir in 3 minutes.

step 6

 Step 7:

     Add flour and cook for 2 minutes. Then place meat into the mixture.

step 7

 Step 8:

      Pour the milk slowly into the pan. Simmer until potatoes are tender, about 15 minutes.

step 8


  -  If you don’t like milk you can replace it with chicken broth.

  -  You can add different spices into the soup. If you like a spicy soup, try adding a few red chilies.


  -  Pork: good effects for heart disease and type 2 diabetes, pork is also rich in selenium and thiamine (vitamin B1). With high level of protein, pork support to gain weight effectively. Most of proteins are concentrated in lean meat. In addition, lean meat also contains a lot of hemoglobin, it is effective against anemia.

*** Good luck ***

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