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Five wonderful juices to help us possess a slim waist

05/10/2016 | 14:04 - Weight loss tips

Losing weight make every women concern. How can we lose weight safely and effectively? It is rather difficult question for those who possess a fat body. So, let’s enjoy fruit juices to have a slim body naturally.

1.    Honey and lemon juice

This is so popular juice to lose weight. It can burn excess fat and our skin will be brighter, too. 

Moreover, honey contains less-fat sugar so our soul will be more comfortable.  


- Mix ½ a lemon juice and 1 spoon of honey into a warm cup.

Enjoy it before breakfast 30 minutes

It is so simple. We have a wonderful juice to lose weight.

We should enjoy it in the morning or before meals in order not to affect to stomach. 

Note: This juice is not recommended for those who have stomach diseases. 

2. Tomato juice

Because of having fiber, tomato juice can help burn excess fat fast.

It can control eating cravings well.

Moreover, tomato juice is very rich anti- oxidant, lycopene so it can prevent wrinkles and aging.

It can boost immune system and prevent unwanted pathogens if we enjoy tomato juice regularly. 


- Slice tomato and take juice only. 

- Then take lemon juice and mix with milk. 

- Stir them all and enjoy. Plus ice if any.

3. Vegetables juice

Vegetables juice is also one of the best weight loss juices.

We can use cauliflower, broccoli and kale. 

They can help us prevent many pathogens and balance hormones.

Our heath will be stronger during weight loss progress.     

We need: 

Kale, cauliflower, spinach, broccoli, garlic, parsley


- Pureed them all. Drink this juice within 3 days to have the fast weight loss method. 

4. Ginger juice 

Ginger juice can help lose weight wonderfully. It can delete toxic and improve metabolism


- Wash and smash ginger. Pour into a cup of pure water. Enjoy it before breakfast 30 minutes. 

- Enjoy ginger tea in the morning has similar effect.

Hot ginger tea contains vitamin C and Maggie.

They can prevent pathogens; enhance blood circulation and digestive system. 

Note: Please consult your doctor if you have High Blood Pressure

5. Green tea 

This juice is very popular to everyone.

Green tea can help boost immune system to burn fat well.

After eating fat food, we should enjoy a cup off green tea to reduce excess fat.

We will possess a slim body soon. 

The best time for us to drink green tea is the morning after breakfast 30 minutes. 

This movement can reduce high blood pressure and fat absorption. 

Moreover, let’s enjoy green tea before meals 1 hour to control eating cravings. 

We can plus lemon juice into green tea to get the best result. 

Last but not least, obey a healthy diet and regular fitness will support us to lose weight fast. We can plus dietary supplement if we are consulted well. 

Wish you sucess! 


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