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Diet helps to detoxify and lose weight

30/12/2016 | 13:22 - Body detoxification

In order to get a healthy body, body in shape, strong immune system, you should know how to detoxify the body and lose weight every year.


There are hundreds of thousands of ways to detoxify the body. However, you should choose yourself a suitable and safe way. Here is a healthy diet to help you cleanse your body as well as lose weight effectively.

1. Why do you need to start a diet to purify the body?

There are many benefits from cleansing your body. You need to learn how to detoxify the intestinal system as well as the liver, because the liver also functions somewhat like the oil filter in your car. A car runs well when the filter works well.

You should detoxify your body at least twice a year.

start a diet to purify the body

2. The reason why you should apply a clean eating.

-  Strengthen the immune system.

-  Have more energy.

-  End chronic headaches.

-  Renew every cell of the body.

-  Enjoy life more healthy.

-  Lose weight healthily.

-  Quit the toxins.

apply a clean eating

3.  Body detoxification plan

After waking up, immediately you drink a glass of warm water in 10-15 seconds to massage internal organs and help to get rid of toxins.

For purification plan in 7 days, you should eat foods rich in fiber such as fresh vegetables or fruit.

Some foods such as kale, spinach, broccoli, beets can be cooked or steamed. In addition you should also use onions, garlic, lemon, herbs and spices to enhance the flavor as well as increase the health of the meals.

eat foods rich in fiber

Here is a sample 7 - day purification diet:

-        Before breakfast: lemon juice mixed with warm water.

-        Morning: snack, 1 egg white, herbal tea.

-        Lunch: fruit juice, vegetable hamburger, cucumber, lettuce, carrots, apple, herbal tea, green peas snack.

-        Dinner: vegetable soup, salad mixed with mushrooms, asparagus, tomatoes and beets, herbal tea, fresh cucumbers, red or yellow peppers.

herbal tea

Helpful tips for detoxification plan:

-        Never skip meals. Skipping meals during detoxification will make you feel hungry more quickly that make you may be willing to eat the foods containing more calories.

-        Eat low-cab fruit. Avoid using ketchup, mayonnaise because they contain tons of sugar and chemicals. If you need to add flavor, you should use salt, pepper, soy sauce, spices, herbs, garlic, onion, vinegar or mustard.

consume low-carb fruits

-        You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water or pure mineral water every day. This will help you eliminate toxins in the body.

-        Avoid caffeine, alcohol, soft drinks, sugar, artificial sweeteners...

-        During the 7-day detoxification, you also should avoid heavy activities or exercises, instead of weight lifting; you can walk, do yoga, and swim.

do yoga

-        Relax and get plenty of rest. This will help you body to quickly detoxify.

-        Every morning, you don’t forget to drink a warm glass of water, but during 7 – day purification, you need to squeeze a half of lemon into a glass of water. This will help your gall bladder to work more effective in the digestion of fats.

4.      After detoxification.

detoxification helps to clean the body as well as lose weight

You will feel more energetic and see a big change in your health. You will go to the toilet more often which is a good sign.

After the end of the detoxification, you can consume the food containing average of calories. If you like to eat meat, you should combine with fish, poultry, lean beef and pork. The best way to cook meat is grilled steak without using oil.

*** Good luck ***

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