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Cure diabetes effectively with vegetables

06/10/2016 | 14:05 - Diabetes treatment

Green vegetables can’t be lack in daily meals, especially for those who have diabetes. Vegetables contain so much fiber that they are very helpful for health. Eating vegetables more than other food can reduce sugar, starch content and saturated fat.

Here are some guidance vegetables that help diabetes treatment

1.    Carrot

 Most of sweet foods transfer sugar content into blood fast, however, sugar content in carrots transfer in a slow speed. 

Carrot supplies many beta- carotenes to control glycemic. Risks of diabetes will be reduced soon. 

2.    Beans 

Beans can help control blood sugar as well as risks of heart diseases and heart attacks.

Beans supply so much fiber that they can boost immune system and stabilize glycemic. 

3.    Broccoli 

Broccoli contains fiber and anti-oxidants.

It is very important to control glycemic.

We can make many dishes with broccoli such as: soup, spaghetti or boil. 

4.    Pumpkin

Pumpkin is considered to be the best vegetables to cure diabetes.

Scientists proved that pumpkin can restore cells to prevent cancer.  

5.    Onion


Onion can prevent blood pressure well. 

Patients should drink onion juice every morning within 1 – 2 months to get the best result. 

6.    Spinach 

Spinach is suitable for those who have diabetes, constipation, high blood pressure.

Because of contain high Maggie, many diseases will be reduced soon.  

7.    Asparagus

Asparagus is very helpful for diabetes.

According to researches, asparagus can maintain blood sugar well.

It also control and build insulin and hormones, too.  

8.    Bitter melon 

Green bitter melons contain charantin and glycosid steroid. 

They can reduce high blood pressure, anti- oxidants. 

Those are vegetables that helpful for diabetes treatment.

We should enjoy it normally to prevent risks of diabetes.

Especially, we shouldn’t eat high carbohydrate vegetables such as: potato or yam.  

We should obey a healthy diet and fitness if we are consulted well. 

Wish you have a healthy body!


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