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Can drinking milk help you lose weight?

01/09/2016 | 13:43 - Weight loss menu

As you know, fresh milk is extremely good for your health. Especially, sugar – free milk can not only help anti-aging, beautify but also lose weight effectively.

sugar-free milk

Many women lost weight successfully due to drinking fresh milk no sugar. Besides, the amount of minerals and vitamins in sugar – free milk can enhance your healthy as well as maintaining your shiny skin easily.

In addition, sugar-free milk contains lots of calcium; good compounds that can help you control and limit the appetite quickly. More than that, fresh milk no sugar also burn excess fat and unnecessary calories. Therefore, drinking unsweetened fresh milk is one of the simplest ways to lose weight effectively.

sugar-free milk

Drinking sugar-free milk properly:

   -  When drinking sugar-free milk to lose weight, you should limit consume the nutrients from other food in meal. However, you must ensure to supply enough 1500 calories per day for your body.

   -  Weight loss menu daily from sugar-free milk:

               +  Breakfast: 1 glass of sugar-free milk + 1 bowl of fruit salad (fruits for weight loss such as tomatoes, bananas ...)

               +  Lunch: Half a bowl of rice + 1 bowl fish or meat soup + 1 glass of milk no sugar (you shouldn’t eat too full to absorb more milk).

               +  Evening: Say “No” with rice and only eat fruit or vegetables. Additionally, you can also cook vegetables into vegetable soup, or salad. Don’t forget drinking 1 glass of milk without sugar.

drink milk to lose weight


     -  When you are hungry, you can consume more fruit or more 1 glass of milk to supply energy for the body.

     -  To support the losing weight process, you should change the daily menu be more variety. However, you should limit to eat foods that are rich in oil and fat.

     -  In addition, fresh milk no sugar also helps the digestive system be healthy, anti-aging and prevents acne and wrinkles. So drinking at least 3 glass of milk into 3 meals per day is good for your health.

     -  You can drink sugar-free fresh milk within 3 -5 days and then you can apply different weight loss diet for a few days and then return drinking milk to not feel tired.

Fruit salad with sugar-free milk to lose weight:

fruit salad


    -  Jackfruit

    -  Pear

    -  Watermelon

    -  Strawberry

    -  Litchi

    -  Mango

    -  Apple

    -  Shaved ice

    -  200ml sugar-free fresh milk

How to do:

fruit salad with milk

Step 1:

     -  Julienne the jackfruit segments.

     -  Wash pear, watermelon, mango, apple and then dice them.

     -  Peel litchi and remove the seeds.

     -  Cut strawberries into halves.

Step 2:  Put fruit in the cups.

Step 3:  Add the sugar-free milk.

Step 4:  Put shaved ice and enjoy.

If you drink sugar-free milk properly, you absolutely can lose 3kg in 2 weeks easily without using any other diet.

Wish you successful weight loss!

*** Good luck ***

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