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Bad habits that make you look older than you are

05/09/2016 | 13:54 - Skin care

Aging isn’t inevitable for human. If we maintain bad habits, aging will come sooner. Here are some reasons make you look older

1.    Enjoy sweet things

We can be older than our age if we eat too much sweet things. 

Our weight will be gained, too.

Sugar in sweet things can enhance aging fast.

After enjoy sweet things, we can see acnes and winkles.

We maybe get obesity if we eat sweet things for a long time.   

2.    Use smoke and alcohols

Smoke can prevent vitamin C absorption. 

Our skin will be dry. Skin areas around mouth will be wrinkled, too.

Alcohols make us have red acnes and pigmentations.  

3.    Lack of water

Drinking water as soon as thirsty will make us look older. 

Our body contains water up to 90%.

Therefore, we will get a serious shortage of water if we don’t drink enough 2, 5 liters of water.

Our body will be tired and our skin will appear wrinkles. 

4.    Lack of good fats

Those who want to lose weight, they limit fat absorption.

However, fat contains omega 3 – kind of element that helps us become younger.

Omega 3 is in fish oil, almond and walnuts…

Omega 3 prevents our skin from wrinkles.

Our heart will be stronger, too. Our longevity will be prolonged as well. 

5.    Abuse cosmetics

Most of women often use cosmetics every day.

Some cosmetics contain bad elements such as: corticoid or Pb (Plumbum).

Therefore, we should limit of using too much cosmetics to prevent aging. 

6.    Stay up late

Stay up late will make pores enlarge so much. 

Metabolism system and circulatory system will be affected, too. 

Our skin will have melasma and aging signs soon. 

Those are reasons that make our skin aging.

We should apply a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Masks or fruits can help us become younger inside.

A happy soul will prolong youth indeed.

We can plus supplement is we are consulted well. 

Wish you have a young skin!


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