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Aichun Beauty 3 Days - melt belly fat cream

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Nowadays, most of women are worry about their appearance such as: skin, hair, height, weight and especially belly cellulite.

Don’t worry!

Aichun Beauty 3 Days will help you melt belly fat fast and you will get slim body in a short period of time.

Aichun Beauty 3 Days

                                                                                                                    Liquid: 200ml

                                                                                                                    Price: 15$

                                                                                                                   Origin: Hong Kong

Ingredients: Aichun Beauty 3 Days - melt belly fat cream is extracted from the natural herbs such as: ginger, chilli and green tea.

There are many women who don’t understand clearly about Aichun Beauty 3 Days.

So, what is it used for?

Aichun Beauty 3 Days combines with unique skin care technology. Therefore, it will burn excess fat on your body, increase the elasticity of your skin.

Besides, 3 Days will help you lose the cellulite underneath your stomach, and make you own firm skin.

In addition, this product helps you own a white skin, enhances circulation of blood vessels, healing folliculitis, melt the belly fat effectively.

Direction for use:

You take a sufficient amount of cream and rub it onto the abdomen cellulite, or other cellulite areas.

Massage gently in the opposite direction from the ankle up to the thighs, hips to the cream penetrates into the skin, massage until the surface of skin dry.

You will get faster result if you use the cream 2 times a day.

melt belly fat cream

According to Dr. Pelle, to achieve the best result you should use the Aichun Beauty 3 Days cream as follows:

- First, you have to rub the cream in a circular motion and move gradually from the thigh up to the hip.

- Next, you use two hands to massage gently which helps cream penetrates into the skin. When you do that, you will help your body enhances blood circulation and burn more energy.

- Then, you massage the thigh along each horizontal line, press your fingers gently onto cellulite areas that cream is applied.

- You continue massage with two hands and press gently from the thigh to the hip.

- You should follow this way when you use Aichun Beauty 3 Days regularly to get the best result.

Aichun Beauty 3 Days – melt belly fat cream has FDA approval both safety and effectiveness.


Aichun beauty 3 days


For external use only.

If pregnant or breast – feeding, ask a health professional before use.

Avoid the face, head and forehead.

Keep out of reach of children.


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