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6 yoga exercises support infertility treatment for women.

20/07/2016 | 16:34 - Infertility support

Nowadays, many couples meet difficulties in having babies. There are many infertility treatment methods with Eastern and Western medicine. Men and women can meet infertility at every age, so, we have to find out the reasons to cure effectively.

We should be consulted by health care providers as soon as possible.

Yoga will boost women’s sexual health.

Yoga also helps stabilize heartbeat and reduce stress.

According to Aliona Salaru- a yoga specialist, stress will make women not to capable of fertility.

Here are 6 yoga exercises to support pregnancy. 

1. Cat and cow pose 

- Hand and knee touch on the floor. 

- Breathe in and out slowly. 

- Slowly arch your back, lifting your head, chest, and tailbone up to the ceiling. 

- Repeat 6 times. 

This exercise helps increase blood for female reproductive system regularly. 

Moreover, this movement also has effects like Kegel- a building muscle exercise. 

It will control muscle spasms effectively.

2. Butterfly Pose


- Sit on the carpet, bending both knees and bringing your feet together.

- Let the hands on the top of feet. 

- Close your eyes and breathe in and out smoothly. 

3. Free squat exercise 

- Stand up straight with your  feet shoulder width apart,  put hands on knees

- Deep knee bend and lower buttock toward the floor. 

- Hold 2 palms forward your heart.

- Let 2 elbows between knees and open knee widely. 

Repeat 10 times. This movement helps circulate blood well.

4. Leg scissors

- Lie in the same position as for leg raises. 

- Raise both legs slowly. Don’t move within 30 seconds. 

- Breathe in and out smoothly. 

- Repeat 10 times. 

This movement helps women reduce stress. 

5. Supine  movements

- Supine on the carpet or pillow, bend knee and feet on the floor.

- Open knees slowly, let 2 feet touch each other. 

- Relax whole body. 

 This yoga exercise helps women have a comfortable spirit.

6. Alternate nostril breathing


- Sit up straight, cross both legs.

- Take thumb at right hand to cover right nostril.

- Use left nostril to breath in.  

- Reverse within 5 minutes. 

- Repeat  10 times

This exercise helps enhance concentration, memory and other mental faculties. 

However, those exercies can’t cure infertility perfectly. 

They support your prenancy desire. 

You can supply a healthy diet to improve ability of fertility.

You should be consulted by doctors to find out the best solutions. 

Wish you have a happy life!


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