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5 weight loss habits for officer during the busy year-end

09/12/2016 | 11:09 - Weight loss tips

You are looking for a quick weight loss methods to wear favorite outfits in the New Year holiday, but you are too busy during the end of this year.

Do not ignore the following habits to stop obsession overweight body, and own a good shape as expected. These habits will help you lose weight without gaining weight, fat accumulation.

1/      Practice light body exercises:

Practice light body exercises

You should utilize your free time to do some mild body exercises. In the morning, after waking up, you just need to stretch the body, arms and legs about 5 minutes.

Or when you are at the company, taking the stairs rather than the elevator also helps you lose weight. You should also stretch, breathe, sit-ups regularly while working to lose weight more effectively.

2/      Drink plenty of water:

Every day, you should drink at least 2 liters of water to purify the body, eliminate toxins faster that help you lose weight effectively. Excess calories in the body can quickly be eliminated by drinking more water.

Drink plenty of water

3/      Avoid junk food and soft drinks:

You have snacking habits at work such as candy, jam, dried food… that can lead to uncontrolled weight gain. You can eat less, many meals but say “No” with junk foods.

In addition, you should also avoid beverages containing more calories and sugar, such as coffee, soft drinks... All the excess calories you eat easily convert into fat at the end of the day that stimulates your appetite.

Avoid junk food and soft drinks

4/      Sleep enough 8 hours per day:

Lack of sleep will make the body feel tired and irritable; the activities in the frontal lobes of the brain will be less than usual. Falling into this situation makes people tend to eat high-fat foods and less healthy. Therefore, people who want to lose weight need sleep enough 8 hours / day.

Sleep enough 8 hours per day

5/      Always carry gym clothes:

You should always put gym clothes in bag, in the car, or at a desk. Workout clothes are always ready, so you will not be able to stop doing exercises.

Always carry gym clothes


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*** Good luck ***

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