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5 effective ways to reduce hair loss for busy people

19/11/2016 | 11:04 - Hair care

People's lives are becoming increasingly stressful that lead to the rate of hair loss grows at a younger age. Many methods to help reduce hair loss are shared widely, but not everyone has the time to implement.

Here are 5 effective ways to reduce hair loss for busy people:

-        Avoiding stress, removing sorrow, getting enough sleep with a healthy habits are the simplest ways.

Avoiding stress, removing sorrow

-        Daily diet needs enough nutrition, minerals and vitamins. You should enhance the level of vitamin A and vitamin E in the main meals. Avoiding caffeine, alcohol, tobacco…because the flow of blood to the scalp can be reduced by these substances and this also reduces the speed of hair growth.

healthy diet

-        Do not abuse the cosmetics in hairdressing, do not use too many hair dryers, presses, curling, electric comb...

Do not abuse the cosmetics in hairdressing

-        Wearing the helmet also causes hair loss in the summer, because sweat will accumulate in the pores and weaken hair roots. So, you should cover your head with a towel or a cloth before wearing the helmet.

Wearing the helmet also causes hair loss

-        You can supply vitamins and minerals to help enhance hair building through a number of dietary supplements. To reduce and prevent the most effective hair loss, you have to impact directly on the health of your body rather than nourishing hair from the outside.

beautiful hair

Everyone desires to possess a thick and smooth hair. Hair Plus – a kind of dietary supplement will solve your hair problems effectively.

Hair Plus has all - natural ingredients such as: omega 3, green tea extract, black pepper… All ingredients above help your hair development a lot. 

Wish you get healthy and thicker hair soon!

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