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5 drinks to lose belly fat

23/08/2016 | 13:48 - Weight loss menu

You may actually lose belly fat by integrating these drinks in your downtime between workouts or between meals.

1/        Watermelon smoothie:

watermelon smoothie

Watermelon can help excrete excess water in the body, enhance kidney function, do reduce swelling, which helps to lose weight as well as belly fat effectively.

Besides, watermelon also contains many nutrients as cancer-fighting lycopene, the arginine amino acid. Therefore, drinking watermelon smoothie every day is one of the great choices for weight loss.

2/        Pineapple smoothie:

pineapple smoothie

Science has proven that eating pineapple is a natural way to lose weight quickly and effectively.

A glass of pineapple smoothie contains bromelain - an enzyme that helps break down protein to ease digestion and prevent the accumulation of belly fat.

3/        Fresh mint tea:

fresh mint tea

Peppermint is a healthy herb because it contains a lot of essential nutrients such as manganese, vitamin A and vitamin C ...

Peppermint helps you curb your craving and emotional eating, enhance your digestive system, lose weight effectively.

Drinking mint tea each day will bring alertness, reduce fatigue, increases satiety.

4/        Dark chocolate smoothie:

dark chocolate smoothie

Dark chocolate reduces cravings and emotional eating.

However, a glass of smoothie dark chocolate has more than 400 calories, so it is not suitable for a snack. You can drink it at breakfast. You will eat less more in that day.

5/        Green tea:

green tea

Besides reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease, green tea also contains catechins - antioxidants that can help reduce belly fat.

If you drink green tea before exercise, these compounds can also increase the ability to burn fat during exercise.

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