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4 top foods to possess a healthy body

10/10/2016 | 14:20 - Body detoxification

Every house wife always wants to build healthy diet for her family. However, some of them don’t know which dishes are helpful for health. According to nutrition experts, cereals, seafood, vegetables and fruits are considered the best food for daily meals.

1.    Cereals

Cereals are very helpful for digestive and cardiovascular system.

They can help reduce cholesterol and control eating cravings well.

Cereals are suitable for those who want to make beauty and keep fit,  

2.    Seafood 

Fish contains so much nutrients, minerals and fat.

Brain is developed well because of having DHA, Omega 3 in seafood.

Every week, we should eat seafood at least 1 time.

In order to maintain nutrients in seafood, we should steam only.   

3.    Vegetables and fruits

If our meals are lack of vegetables and fruits, we will not supply fiber, vitamins and mineral for body. 

Vegetables and fruits are rich vitamin A, C, E, K….

They can enhance immune system and muscles building. 

Especially, some vegetables can prevent oxidants and aging such as: broccoli, asparagus or apple…

In order to supply necessary vitamins and minerals for health, housewives should apply various vegetables and fruits daily. 

4.    Milk

Long time ago, milk was considered to be the best liquid to boost vitality.

Milk contains amino acids, minerals and vitamins so our health will be enhanced naturally. 

Milk can help in muscles and teeth building, too.

Moreover, milk also helps improve digestion, relieve fatigue, invigorate vital energy and improve blood circulation naturally. 

We should drink milk after breakfast and before bedtime to get the best results. 

Especially, we should obey a regular fitness or comfortable lifestyle to boost vitality and health. 


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