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3 tips to cure infertility fast and effectively

21/07/2016 | 13:35 - Infertility support

Infertility has been caused by many reasons such as: alcohol, stimulants, obesity, and old- age…In order to treat infertility effectively, you have to find out the roots. You should consult your doctors as soon as possible.

Here are 3 natural tips to cure infertility. 

1)    Change cosmetics

Nowadays, there are many cosmetics that contain Paraben – a hormone disorder.

In order to get successful fertility, we must balance hormone.

Paraben is found in many kinds of deodorants. 

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) considered Paraben can give cancer, especially breast cancer.

2)    Supply vitamins

Vitamins play an important role in quality of cervical mucus. 

Healthy cervical mucus helps attract sperms into uterus easily.  

Supplying enough vitamins, especially vitamin B helps enhance cervical mucus.

Therefore, ability of pregnancy will be higher. Infertility in women can be caused by lack of iron deficiency or anemia.  

Besides, vitamin E has been proven to increase quality of egg.

According to researches, every day, if a woman absorbs 200 IU vitamin E, she can improve pregnancy effectively. 

3)    Change daily habits

Don’t repeat daily activities continuously. 

Let’s apply a healthy diet and a special exercise program to develop the ability of prenancy.  

Those are tips for those who desire to have baby. Wish you success!


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