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3 powerful home remedies for hair loss

02/12/2016 | 14:03 - Hair care

Hair loss makes us less confident in communication, besides it’s also a sign of bad health. Building long hair healthy and strong with the following 3 tips:

1/      Coconut milk:

Coconut milk

Hair is made of protein which originates in the hair follicle. Coconut milk is a source of protein and essential fatty acids. Therefore, when you use this material for hair care, hair loss will decrease significantly.

How to do:

You can make coconut milk at home:

     -  Cut coconut meat into slices.

     -  Put it into a pot with water and heat it up. Turn down the heat to low and cook for 5 minutes then remove from the heat.

     -  Apply coconut milk onto the hair, massage from root to tip.

     -  Incubate your hair in a towel for 20 – 30 minutes and then wash as usual.

2/      Yogurt and egg whites:

Yogurt and egg whites

Yogurt can not only soothes your skin, but also moisturizes and shines the hair so well, especially when you combine yogurt and egg white, this mixture can prevent hair loss effectively.

How to do:

     -  Mix an egg white with 40ml yogurt, stir well.

     -  Apply the mixture on the hair, massage lightly and leave it for 20 minutes.

     -  Rinse with clean water; do 2-3 times per week. It will reduce oiliness from hair and scalp and make it soft and silky as well as nourish hair from the root and decrease hair fall and breakage.

3/      Garlic:


Hair loss and thinning hair can make women lose the charm. As you know, garlic has strengthening and stimulating properties. So you can make garlic hair mask to enhance healthy hair growth and thereby reduce dandruff, prevent hair loss.


    -  A teaspoon of vitamin A or E oil

    -  A teaspoon of honey

    -  A teaspoon of castor oil

    -  2 tablespoons of olive oil

    -  1-2 cloves of garlic

    -  An egg yolk

How to do:

     -  Mix these ingredients together, stir well.

     -  Rub the hair from root to tip, massage gently.

     -  Wrap your hair in a large towel for 1 hour, then wash.

     -  Apply this way regularly; it will help improve hair growth and thickness.

*** Taking a combination of Hair Plus – dietary supplement for hair building is very necessary. Hair Plus can stimulate hair growth because it contains many wonderful ingredients that restore damaged hair, stimulate hair building and make hair smoother.

Hair Plus

Nutritional components in Hair Plus - hair growth pill

--  Keratin (125mg): has ability to restore damaged hair effectively. Hair is composed of 70% keratin protein. When you use many chemicals in curling, straightening, dyeing hair, the hair will be damaged, dry, fragile and brittle. Hair Plus will supply keratin for hair to protect and restore the hair effectively, regain hair’s elasticity, make them thick, soft and shiny.

--  Biotin (0.09 mg): is a kind of vitamin that helps in cells development to stimulate hair building. The addition of biotin helps hair roots become healthy, make hair grow faster and thicker, prevent hair loss.

--  Acid Pantothenic (Vitamin B5): is an essential nutrient for hair. It helps to shrink the pores, reduce sebum and excess oil on the skin, make your scalp healthier, and especially promote healthy hair growth.

--  Silica (25 mg): helps hair strong and shiny, reduce dry hair, dry scalp, breakage and hair loss.

--  Zinc (7,5 mg):  is a good nutrient to create a strong hair. It will help your hair become smoother and thicker.  

Hair Plus

*** Good luck ***

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