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12 foods help detox liver

19/08/2016 | 14:00 - Body detoxification

Smoke, alcohol and polluted air make liver to be worse day by day. We maybe have cancer if we abuse stimulations so much. Here are some guidance foods to detox body.

1.    Ginger is one of the best natural medicines to detox liver well.

2.    Artichoke helps liver clean and healthier. 

3.    Onions: Contain many good elements to prevent liver cancer and colon cancer

4.    Eggs: cholesterol in eggs are very helpful for liver

5.    Sesame: sesamin in sesame can prevent liver from antioxidants 

6.    Avocado: has glutathione- a kind of antioxidant. 

It can prevent pathogens or bacteria from environment. 

7.    Dill: has fiver and vitamin C. These factors can help liver against harmful elements. 

8.    Garlic: help liver build enzyme to delete harmful chemicals. 

Besides, garlic also has high allicin and selen. They can support to clear liver well. 


9.    Broccoli and cauliflower: can reduce cholesterol to protect liver. 

10.     Seaweed: contains rich in nutrients and less calorie. Seaweed can help body detoxification well.  

11.     Parsley: has vitamin C, B12, K and A to prevent liver diseases. It can help enhance metabolism 

12.     Beans: contain valuable nutrients to help build digestive system effectively.      

Last but not least, we should supply a various diet and regular exercise program to detox body well.

Wish you have a healthy body!



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